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Donkey Lord
Progress report:
Norrey is drawing to a (relative) close with only a few areas left to be finished off.
Norreymine and norrey proper

Apart from those the rest is snow, paths and trees. Grr snowterra.

On the topic of Norreymine, I’ve created an area where I will open shafts to builders to create an interesting, mildly claustrophobic tunneling experience.
The mineshafts are open to be dug!!

I would like assistance wit the waterfall at Norreyvillage. I don’t be have much experience with large waterfalls so am afraid I would botch it.
There might be one or two new plots in Norrey this week but most of the work left is trees and boulders.
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Donkey Lord
So, it’s june and I haven’t contributed to the spam of this chat with an update.

Norrey is almost entirely done!

Only one hamlet is incomplete
Norrey proper is done except for 2 floors of the keep.
Patches of unsmoothed snow stain the landscape between Norrey and Westwatch

Thanks to a cadre of probbies and builders, a huge amount of these uncouth patches have been beautified, and those who worked upon them be great Knights of the seven kingdoms all;
Jake who was T4rg4ry3n
And many others I can’t think of at 3 am who are no less noble, just or brave.

Now what’s left is Norreyham1’s fields, the paths at the entrance to norreyvillage’s valley.

ETC Thursday! Full steam ahead

PS -while there was similar excitement yesterday evening, I had forgotten about Norreyham1 and had jumped the gun. The prior announcement has taken into account all parts of the project.

Authorised by AeksioOndos, 238 Longbridge, Volantis


Donkey Lord


Thanks to the small army of snow shovellers! I am deeply indebted to you all for your help with the metric tons of layers shifted, its brought years back into my life.

Thanks Lord Damascus for the base longship design!

Thanks to NMF, Javiv, Vikingcorgi and Antony for your work on minis, its been a pleasure to work with you all.
Special thanks to Jake, Mimi, May and Antony for working on the interiors of the castle and other brochs in the project, its looking really cozy guys

There are of course others whom deserve credit for their incredible contributions to the project but I really have to race back to my actual life and do some things there :p

I submit Norrey for Post Approval. Have fun, Cash and Lemonbear!

Authorised by AeksioOndos, 238 Longbridge, Volantis


Nice work! I’m sure you’re filling out the Wiki Submission Form even as I write this reply ;)

EDIT: If you’re really dreading it I’m only asking project leaders to fill out the required fields, you can leave everything else blank if you wish, but no one is going to write those parts for you later.
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Royal Messenger
Hi Aeks!

You did such a good job on this project. It has become much more immersive than i made Knott. Really a good example of how a snowy project should be done.

But as i talked with you privately a while ago there is a patch of lands which really just stands empty.

Skærmbillede 2020-06-14 kl. 03.09.30.png

The empty part is the one with the sad smiley. Its very awkwardly nestled between our two finished projects. This patch of lands was part of your original plans, but it seems like you cut it off. Had it been to the east or the north it could always be done in another project. But in this position its just kind stands there. I suggest you do this has you planned originally so we can fill the map proberly. It doesn't have to be anything fancy just some grasslands like i have in the pink area (more the eastern part than the coast part. That way it can continue on both sides of the stream.

- Johan :)


Royal Messenger
What if we left that bit of land for an immersion project? Like some Mountain Clan that used to exist but fell on hard times and soon went extinct?

That would be the easy way out for sure. But we are naive if we think that someone, will pick this land of all the huge amount of mountains. Its a discussion for another thread, but we can't count on immersion builds for closing up areas, or anything else necessary. They are very good to add immersion and diversity, but too unorganized to count on for tying lands together. If someone wanna do an mountain clan immersion build there is plenty of space both to the east and the south to do so. Besides Aeks ruined roundhouses could very well be an extinct clan.

What would you think of a few ruined roundhouses like scribbles is doing?

Let me know if you need help with the terra or building. I should probably help as i brought it up ;)


Great work on this project!

After taking some time to look over the project, I've noted a few things to fix before I can post-approve:
  1. There's a pillar of yellow wool about halfway between /warp norrey and /warp norreyhf2
  2. /warp norreyham3 might need to be moved. It's currently in the air above a forest
  3. Snow is piled up awkwardly around some buildings. I get that on the sides where roads are this build-up is from shoveling. However, there are places where it's more likely the build-up would just be allowed to accumulate like a snow drift rather than be propped up against the building. These places would likely include the backs and sides of buildings that don't get much traffic.
  4. Non-Terrainset slabs, stairs, and wall blocks in rocks and mountains need to be changed to the new terrainset versions.
  5. Not sure if it's yours and not sure if it's intentional, but there's wool inside the boat at /warp cnhamlet2

Once you take care of these things, I'll post-approve!
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Donkey Lord
Okay I'll get onto those things.
The yellow pillar was someone elses markers placed to figure out some boundaries. JohanKR850 do you know who made the yellow pillars?

In some areas, such as the mine in the main village, I want to keep the non-terrainset slabs, stairs etc because I like the aesthetic appeal of them, especially as they break up the otherwise continuous, boring face of terrainset. Otherwise I'll be fixing those up. Its mostly boulders around Norreyhf2 iirc :)

hmm. One thing I forgot to do is ask for the warps to be fixed up.If any mod could help out with it they would be even more of a legend than they already are :D
So 'cnhamlet2' is should be norreyham1. And yes, the wool in the boat is meant to represent a bundled up sail.

Then it would be great if norreyvillage was moved to the square in the lower part or near the western end of the upper bridge.

Norreyhf2 warp should be near the lake or barn.

Norreyhf1 is in the pass to the east of Knotthf

Norreyham2 is near the glacier and the warp should be on one of the trails into it

Norreyham3 warp should be next to the main hall

Norreyproper warp should be near the largest patch of fields near the eastern side of the lake


The Dark Lord Sauron
Hey Aeks, nice job! Not an approving mod, but just wanted to add one thing to Lem’s list: I noticed a hard border of snow layers at some point in the project (alas, can’t remember exactly where) that went on for a little ways. Will that be smoothed over? It should be a simple job now that /b snow is fixed.


Donkey Lord
Ah rats sorry Emot but heaps were made in the process of doing the project and its been hard keeping track of them all. I think I know where it might be though.


A Knight at the Opera
Hey Aeks, this is looking just about finished and I've updated those warps you mentioned.

Lem and Emote have covered the last remaining elements to polish. I noticed the edges of snow smoothing that Emote might've spotted at Norreyham1 and I'll just echo what Lem said about the snow along the walls, at placed like Norreyvillage, the snow could be smoothed a bit more along areas that aren't heavily foot trafficked to make them less vertical. Once you've had a chance to tidy those up I'll do another check and if all goes well I'll post-approve.
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Donkey Lord
Hi All,

I think I've fixed up the snow around most houses and most of the blocky lines from //smooth.
The area I haven't done this is the border with Flint lands, which will ofc have to be terraformed and resmoothed to fit canon, as it is currently mishmash worldpainter terrain.