In Progress Project/update application: Norrey

Hey Aeks, thanks for taking a look at those points we flagged, I just took another look around and spotted only a couple of last things to tidy up.

Some smooth snow lines at Norreyham1

These were the stacked snow piles that I believe Lem was referring to. I think they might still be a little high compared to the snow around them. Solutions might be to either smooth our the snow around them so it's a more gradual incline up the wall, or lower the height of the stacks, or maybe drop the height of the house as well. I could be persuaded if it's a deliberate style choice where they packed snow along the walls as extra insulation, but I'm not sure if that translates well enough to not just look a bit out of place.

Norreyham 3

Post-approved by me once these are points are settled. I think Lem's travelling at the moment but might be back soon I think?
Sorry, haven't been traveling but have been unable to come on the server. I'll be all set to post-approve once Cash's points are addressed.

EDIT: After talking to Aeks in Discord, I've asked him to make the snow-covered turf look less like snow mounds. I'll post-approve once that and Cash's other points are addressed.
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Hi, I have fixed up every house I can think of where there was an issue in every hamlet, often making little gardens, or small stone walls reinforcing, or continuing the turf down so that its a 45d angle.

I still need to fix up the various unsmoothed snow lines and selection edges all over the place but can have that done pretty quickly.
I am completely mad, and so am thinking about taking up another snow project because I love building snowy houses. Either someone submit one quick that has houses (NOT TENTS OTTY) so I can build or I am going to punish myself all over again and apply for Flint of the mountains.

Save me, please :p
Amber means big ringfort, lots of earthworks and *checks notes* making some amber dredging areas. Also Redo to make the wolfswood more deciduous, like Zytomyr province in the Ukraine (without the tanks)
Hey I think I'm just about ready to post approve, I think those piles of snow along the walls of houses are looking better with the muddy snow mixed in, a bit more wattle here and there would help with showing it's deliberate as well
Only other point would be to maybe give a little more love to the main path leading into Norrey village, if the whole village uses it to go out every day it would probably look a little more defined/widened for sleds and horses.
Otherwise I think Lem will have time to take a look in the next week or so and give her notes too. Thanks for all the hard work, I know what a mammoth task these snow builds are.