Introducing the new website and forum system


Hello and thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding in the move to this new community. There are a few reasons why we made the switch. Enjin was clunky, slow, expensive and just wasn't keeping up with our community needs in a number of ways. The new system, Xenforo, is hosted on our own system courtesy of Linode. We have a lot more freedom to personalize and centralize things on our site now, instead of using external systems. We have a few new features with the new site, some are still under construction. Some of these features are:

  • a media uploading system via the 'Media' tab in the navbar. Builders and up now have to ability to upload their own WC related pictures to albums and categories. This saves the need to use imgur for our wiki, applications, and site pictures
  • a wiki system completely integrated with the site. The old wiki is still linked in the subnav under 'Wiki'
  • A much smoother and feature rich forum system. Loads faster, better organized, and much easier to navigate
  • trophy system on the forums. Each trophy represents a link on a maesters chain. Get these by posting and contributing and others. See the full list in your user profile'
  • If you donate, you can get a custom usertitle under your forum name in addition to the custom title you get in the game. You also get the gold link trophy

This was a big move for WesterosCraft. There are going to be some kinks we have to iron out. If you have any issues, comments, or bugs/perm issues to report, please report them here.

The old site is STILL ACTIVE if you need to grab any information from there. The address is

Again, thank you for your patience and I hope this makes our community even better than it already is. Expect more features and events in the future.

-geeberry (formally pizzainacup)
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Just wanted to comment here. We're having some issues gettings to work with Enjin's system so bare with us. I'll have it fixed up as soon as possible.


I am new and I would like to be able to play on this server and see what was created. But I have Upload the launcher WesterosCraft and I have too update it but when I put on the button Launch Minecraft, I complete with my e-mail and my passeword but nothing is happening.

Pls help me,

a Belgian fan of Game of thrones


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I've been rewriting bits of the website that are of particular interest to potential builders / new people, as agreed with by @geeberry . Fellow builders, let me know if you think there are any areas in particular you think could do with updating.

I am conscious, through rewording the new builders application guide that aspects of the application guide need updating, e.g. the pictures demonstrating what is considered 'good' building are rather dated at this point, and I will likely prioritise this first.