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May I suggest before the next server build that all the example houses be put on a single platform that everyone not only knows where it is but that we know people will look at the style guides. I feel like the roof issues would have been fine if everyone paid closer attention to the style guides that were floating around. I noticed a few people were just building and never looked while I was watching on.

Also I do agree with arks suggestion that if you are not on the discord chat during the server build then you should not be allowed too build. There were issues with communication through out the build. This lead to people not knowing about the no ints rule and also lead to a few people building in the wrong areas. Several others and I tried to relay messages to those not in the discord voice chat by repeating the same things like "Remember no Ints" and "Make sure to build next to the wip builds".

Overall lead to kind of a unorganized server build. It was still fun though.


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One of the key aspects of a serverbuild is communication, which Discord makes a lot easier. Chat gets so crowded during a serverbuild that over half of the stuff said in chat isn't or can't even be read.

It's not that much to ask to be on Discord if you want to participate in the serverbuild. If you don't want to talk, that's fine. The most important thing about serverbuilds is that builders are able to listen, which is something that just isn't done effectively in chat.


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Should defo have this for next build, tbh i was confused on what we were building exactly as the houses tests were kinda disorganised. However it is vital we're on discord for the sake of easily controlling and organising everyone's work.
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I've tested for the top three floors of the slender lords tower at playground as well as testing for the ints of the extended family wing at playground. I've mailed smp and told banty about me redoing the ints of the win in test and banty liked the newly improved interiors :)
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Ark and myself have already approved of the Current interiors for the Extended Family Wing. They are fine as is, no need to update them.


Ark and myself have already approved of the Current interiors for the Extended Family Wing. They are fine as is, no need to update them.
I would have to disagree, with no offence to who placed the furnishings I found them too crowded and unorganised and it made the build look dated, also as nothing is set in stone at the moment at high garden I think people should be able to test for structures and ints already fitted and keep working to improve the build to bring it up to the standards of other server builds such as the red keep.


Or, or, maybe -- hear me out -- it really isn't a) efficient and b) respectful (of both the builder and the mods) to test for something that has already been approved by the mods in charge because you think it isn't good and then expect your changes to be simply accepted without any problems.


@Emileld Although I generally agree with the sentiment of respect, what usually counts on our server is the final product. Everyone is fallible and since we're discussing opinions and ideas there will always be plenty of differences. Disruptive ideas that find the approval of a majority in the community generally change the server for the better in my opinion, so why not allow @7JG7 his chance to improve something that he has taken a liking to instead of shutting him down? I could've done the same for the red keep, but I'm glad I didn't. Ultimately I realized that my vision in certain regards couldn't keep up with the combined visions of our builders. If @Fin, @TheYoungWolf , @7JG7, @Nuggets, @Arkilstorm or @EStoop had always respected the mods' plans or approval we wouldn't have that gem of a build now.

He contacted a mod about his plans, made an announcement in the official thread and left them accessible for everyone to review. I personally think that's quite respectful as this invites thorough review from the community.