Completed Highgarden


More on /warp hgtest, I've made a few house styles made for the Mander-area of the Highgarden-town. In my opinion they go well with the look of the River; and might look good on the banks of it. Only the richest would live there, and so the houses are very well-made and upheld. Because of the expensive real estate though, some might be a bit smaller for their class. Check em out if you like, look for the slate roof houses near Marg's glass structure at /warp hgtest.


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With Ark's encouragement I've been working on a test of the hedge maze at /warp etz
I've roughed out a basic design for a circular maze with 5 open garden areas (for the 5 points on the Tyrell sigil)

If you have any doubts/concerns/misgivings about this kind of design, it would be great to know now before any more time is spent on this design. Should it have more variation that just concentric circles? Should there be more gardens? (see the poker chip design I mocked up).


I decided to make a small folder with some inspiration mainly for the gardens and plants of Highgarden, but maybe you can pull some build inspiration from it too :p
The actual pictures come from many styles; but mainly French, Scottish, and some English. The house pictures might help give some inspiration for what kinds of ivy, holders, and such were realistic for the time. I also included some courtyards for either the Highgarden town, the castle itself, or both. Thanks for reading :)
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Morning guys!

I wanted to post a list here of everything that is currently open for testing. This means testing on your plots. If the structure you want to test for is too big for your plot, then ask one of us to find you some space in HGTest. All of these structures have been plotted, and are ready to go! There's some information floating above most of the castle plots that are open, explaining what they should include, or the purpose of that structure. There is also further information in the document I posted in this thread a couple of weeks ago.

The list of available structures to test for are listed below. I'd appreciate it if you let either myself or Enah know that you're testing, so we don't miss your tests! You should also put a little tag below the gold info-panels, or on the plotting wall if you're testing for that build, so we can keep a proper list!

The HG Towns are now being plotted, and will be open soon! The plots marked with "special" blocks are open for testing already, so I've included them in the list below. There will be some more special builds added in the coming days, so keep an eye on this list, as I'll be updating it.

I'm going to have a big clean up this week of all the tests that were done south of Parliament, and will open a larger testing spot near HGTest ASAP, so you guys have room to play. If you have any questions, or if I've missed anything, please don't hesitate to drop me a forum message or poke me in-game.

Happy Testing!

Town —

- Painter’s Guild

- Merchant’s Guild

- Jeweller’s Guild

- Customs House

- Eastern Sept

- Western Sept

- Eastern Inn

- Western Tavern

- Eastern Stables

Castle —

- Godswood

- Vegetable Garden

- Dowager’s Garden

- Parterre Garden

- Sept Gardens

- Palace Yard

- Tourney Yard

- Chivalry Stables

- Coach House

- Barracks & Armoury

- Castle Blacksmith

- Archery Yard

- Craftsman’s Terrace Houses

- Septry Complex (Please speak to Enah about this one in particular)

- Southern Gate Stable

- Hawks & Hounds

- Granary Complex

- Pig House

- Bakehouse

- Great Barn

- Dairy

- Kitchen Keep

- Herb Gardens

- Buttery

- Extended Family Wing

- Library Tower

- Maester's Tower

- Redwyne Gate (Structure in place but interiors need to be designed)

- Oakheart Gate (Structure in place but interiors need to be designed)

- Steward’s Tower (Structure in place but interiors need to be designed)

- Residential Palace Rooms (These are individual suites, or groups of rooms. If you have any particular rooms you'd like to do, let us know)

- Guest Tower (Structure in place but interiors need to be designed/finalised)

- Noble Stables

- Bath house (Structure in place but can be changed)

- Knight’s Tower (Structure in place but interiors need to be designed)

- Dowager’s Parlour (Structure in place but interiors need to be designed)

- Outer Gates

- Tyrell Vault + Mint (Structure in place but interiors need to be designed)

- Wine Cellar (Structure in place but interiors need to be designed)

- Jail (Structure in place but interiors need to be designed)


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Hey Elec,

There's a list of all the structures open for application and testing further up in this thread. If you take a look and make a test for anything you'd like to do, then let me know what you're testing for.


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Thoughts on the maze -- I think the current working model is great! I would add in the 5 rectangular sculpture rooms that are plotted in pink wool. I think that there should only be flowers in the sigil circles and by the sculpture. The maintenance of this maze is already massive, so intensive care gardening would be left for other areas of the castle. Also, at first I thought that the pattern was two gridlike, but given the confines of designing a circular maze on a grid (yikes!!!) this is a great compromise and is actually quite organic. Really excited about this model and will check back from time to time!


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Thanks Demodocus!
Yeah it was tricky finding a compromise between style/canon/limitations of minecraft, but I think the current iteration does the job. And thanks for your thoughts on the pink square plots, they'll give some more space for creative water features/status/performance areas(?).

Also, tests of the Great Barn, Bakery and Vault on my plot /warp cashbanks


Friendly Reminder about the Oakenseat

One Dornish king besieged Oldtown, whilst another crossed the Mander and sacked Highgarden. The Oakenseat was chopped to pieces and burned, whilst the senile King Garth X was found tied to his bed, whimpering and covered in his own filth. The Dornish cut his throat - in an act of mercy one of them would later say - then put Highgarden to the torch after stripping it of all its wealth.
-World Of Ice And Fire