In Progress Fairmarket (EStoop)


Lord Steward of Oldtown, Knight of Fairmarket
Not really an update, just notifying everyone I'm still alive and aiming to finish Fairmarket sometime this decade.
I'm quite busy with work these days, and I have started a post-graduate last month because who likes free time anyway?

In the past few months I have gradually worked on making the streets more narrow. This has resulted in a slight change in plotting in the south-west portion of the town. The septry with tiny orchard that used to be there could do with a slightly larger rework, and I invite anyone who might be interested in it to make some tests. Ask me for details on discord if you're interested.

The main sept has had some work done with a lot of help and inspiration provided by ContraBlonde. It's still on my plot, since I have yet to figure out the details.

Some might have noticed the pride decorations are still up in lower Fairmarket. I have decided not to remove these for the time being (at least untill upper Fairmarket replaces the lower) since I still quite enjoy the decorations as well as the message that is send with them.


Lord Steward of Oldtown, Knight of Fairmarket
Work has been done in the town and actual progress has been made.

The streets
Most if not all streets have been made narrower, giving room to a handful of new plots throughout the town. The gardens are a mess right now, but they will all receive an update to make full use of the newly aqcuired space. The streets will get a dirt and mud palette rather than cobble, with the exception of the market square.

The houses
I've been in the process of changing the palette of several houses in order to make them appear slightly poorer. The interiors will remain the same, but there will be an increase in use of thatch and wood.

The sept
I'm finally content with the way the sept looks. Since the changes to the sept have come with a series of changes to it's floorplan I'm also in the process of amending the surrounding area in order to properly incorperate it into the town.

All in all I feel like Fairmarket is finally reaching a shape with which I am fully content. Hopefully I will be able to finish the project around the new year, opening the way to fully focus on Oldtown.