In Progress Fairmarket (EStoop)

Biweekly update!
So whatever mess I created at Vyprenhamlet5 is now mostly fixed, only things left to do are doing some fields, pastures and adding forests up to the riverbank. The hamlet and brickworks itself is mostly done.

Yesterday I finished the hamlet at Ramsford (apart from the interiors), which brings me to the following request:

Please for the love of all that is holy someone help me with making the wetlands

My WE and voxel skills are in a more disastrous state than Hoster Tully. Don't make me build it by hand.

Next up
Next thing to check off the to-do list is finishing the septry and coming up with a proper pumping mill test. I also need to plot the dyked area north of FM, though I am considering dropping the concept and making the area wetlands, forest and fields entirely (without dykes).
Biweekly update!
Basically didn't do a lot. I have drafted Emoticone to help me out with the wetlands, and will work over the coming weeks to prepare the northern Fairmarket region to accomodate them. I redid most of the northern sprawl, making it less dense and lowering most of the houses, changing the inn so its less Tudor English, and changing some minor other stuff. I am currently working on dykes west of the sprawl, including some polder mills that will be along it.

Haven't done shit at the septry, apart from the interior of the sept (which got me itching to redo the large sept at Fairmarket).

Next up
Still have to do the septry, suggestions and ideas are welcome (within the current setup of the complex). Decided to try the dykes. I'm still looking for someone to help with the forests. I'm also toying with the idea to redo or update the current Fairmarket sept, keeping the same general idea but changing some details and the towers.
Biweekly (and half a week) update!
Still haven't done a lot, partly due to being busy (ironically during the summer break I am busier than ever working and researching/writing my thesis) and due to attending camp last week. What I did do is some minor stuff at the pumping mill and dyke along the river.

The area behind the dyke will be 2 blocks higher than the river, which is higher than I'd like it to be but various issues made me decide to do it like this, mainly the dyke becoming too high due to me wanting it to be the same height as the one on the other side of the river, as well as the terrain around the northern Fairmarket sprawl being rather high and connecting both terrains would be a nightmare otherwise.

Apart from Fairmarket I did some minor testing for the Starry Sept and Oldtown houses.

Next up
I'd like to finish the river dyke and start plotting the fields behind them. I still have to finish the septry as well, forests too and am still considering redoing the sept.

As always, feedback is more than welcome! (even if it's about the unfunctionality of the FM sept towers which will be adressed at some point)
Biweekly (and a weekend) update!
Not a lot happened, apart for some work on the septry. I made a complete overview of what needs to happen at Fairmarket in order to properly complete it. Also did some pact forging with Emote regarding the forests and swamp.

Next up
Really want to finish the dyked area north of FM, but the terrain is giving me a hard time. Finishing the septry is something that will take a long time since I am not overly motivated to furnish the place.

I hope to be finished by the end of September, but I probably won't be. Finishing my essay is currently my primary objective, as well as setting things up for my new job by november (exciting times) and trying to improve on my athletics.

Added link to the overview, 4th tab.
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Biweekly update!
Apart from moving the updates to monday, not a lot has happened. I did some minor work on the dyked area north of Fairmarket, but haven't really had the time to do more.

Next up
Slowly but surely I'm making progress on the dykes, although I am really starting to doubt them and am considering removing them from all of Fairmarket, replacing them with bocage and hedges instead, like the ones already between fields at Fairmarket. Thoughts on this are welcome.

In other news, the new job is almost entirely handled and the athletics season is over as of yesterday. My essay is still claiming a lot of time, and will be untill the end of October.
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Happy Birthday Fairmarket!
On the 18th of September 2015, Fairmarket was started as a co-op by Reygame and me, after several months of planning and testing. Within a short period thereafter the beginnings of the town were laid out, the surrounding fields were plotted and half the Riverlands became covered in dirt and gravel.

Now, 3 years later, the project is nearing completion. The town in its current form has remained unchanged since the 20th of November 2017, shifting the primary focus of the project from urban to rural development during the past year. Over the past few months, the main focus of Fairmarket has been on the northern bank of the Blue Fork.

To celebrate this never ending monument to my procrastination, I have collected a couple of rad, sad and bad facts about Fairmarket.

Rad facts
  • I started the project as a builder, then became an editor-lite, an editor, a moderator, and am now a plebby builder again, meaning that I have collected all but 3 ranks during the project.
  • 33 builders have built at Fairmarket, building an average of 1,5 house per builder.
  • Fairmarket has 123 residences inside the town walls.
  • InfinityMe123 made a drawing of the council hall at Fairmarket, which won him 1st place in the Westeroscraft art contest of 2017.
  • Fairmarket has had 1090 consecutive days without accidents.
Sad facts
  • On the 24th of November 2015, a World Edit command error changed all wood planks in a 2029 block radius into grass, dirt and gravel, instead of changing the terrainset in a 5 block radius into the same mix. This event, known as “the Dirtening of the Riverlands”, was started at roughly the location of the farm south of /warp Fairmarket and marked a clear start of my time as an editor.
  • It is said that the event mentioned above did more damage to the Riverlands than Gregor Clegane could ever hope to do. Adventurous explorers might still come across a dirt and gravel hovel, keep or Riverrun in their travels through the region, even though there have been extensive efforts to fix the region.
  • Fairmarket has burned through 6 mods and 1 builder during the 3 years it’s been in progress, excluding me.
Bad facts
  • The size of the project changed several times, adding the area around Oldstones, the ruins of Oldforge, the village of Ramsford and the border region with Vypren to the Fairmarket lands, making the project twice as large and extending the building period by at least a year.
  • The townsfolk of Fairmarket are rich compared to other Westeros demographics, since there are 51 low, 52 middle and 20 high class households in Fairmarket, meaning that 58,5% of the town’s inhabitants are loaded. However, this does not count the houses at the sprawls, which are primarily low class.
After finishing my thesis and getting things going as a fulltime adult, I'd like to return to keeping you all up to date about progress at Fairmarket.

Biweekly (and a month) update!
I've decidided to remove the dykes, starting with the ones on the southern bank of the Blue Fork. I already did this at the east of Fairmarket, and I think the result is rather good. During this progress, I also redid the brickworks at FMHF1 and changed the hill the holdfast stands upon.

I've yet to decide what to do with the northern dykes, but chances are I will remove them as well, after which I will probably find new (appropriate) locations for the mills within the project.

Next up
Next thing on my list is finally finishing the eastern harbour sprawl, adding some more boats to the harbour and finishing the houses and farms east of Fairmarket. After that I will focus on the western half.

Hopefully, within a couple of months and maybe even before the end of the year, Fairmarket will be finished.
There hasn’t been an update in a while. However, not a lot has happened in the meantime either.

I’ve been working on the eastern sprawl, where I have done some partial replotting to add a stable. I’m slowly working on finishing the immediate Fairmarket surroundings, after which I will work on Emote’s villages at Wickenden as part of our deal to have him make me amazing terrain in the west of Fairmarket.

I have also worked on a new version of the town hall, which is hovering above the current one. Opinions are welcome.

In other news
I have finally graduated and am now working full time, so expect my inactivity on the server to continue during the next 50 or so years.
As some might have guessed due to the lack of updates, not a lot has happened in the past few months.

I have changed the plans for the surrounding lands of Fairmarket, in which I will remove the dykes since they are nearly impossible to incorporate into the terrain. As a result the lands will be more wild, turning the land between Vypren and Ramsford into wetlands.
I did some work on Fairmarket yesterday, and made some new plans for the Northern parts of the project:
The majority of the region will be wetlands, parts of which will be open (yellow) and parts of it will be forested (green). The Blue Fork will have sandbanks that separate the river from the wetlands. Three tributaries will be added, a large one stemming from a lake and going through the wetlands, a smaller one that forms the border between the wetlands and the fields of the FM sprawl and another one on the border between Vypren and Fairmarket.

The existing holdfasts of Ramsford and Vyprenhamlet6 are indicated with red squares, and a new one near the lake which will be half sunken into the swamp (insert Monty Python reference here). The holdfast at Vyprenhamlet6 has been redesigned as to better fit it into the style of the area. It's function as a tollgate has been reinforced by it being constructed over the tributary that is now planned there, as well as a little bit of swampland on the side of Vypren. The new design hovers somewhere above the current one.

The purple area in the middle of the land is wet farmland surrounded by a low dyke, being pumped dry by two pumping mills indicated with red crosses. Just west of it is a small village build on a stretch of dry land.

Something else
After reading some Riverlands canon, I found out that the Whispering Wood is supposed to be between Oldstones and Riverrun, west of Fairmarket. It currently is located more south of Fairmarket, between the Blackwood Vale and Riverrun. Additionally, the Blackwood Vale is said to be south-west of Oldstones, north of Riverrun.

I propose to move the Blackwood Vale more westward, and to move the Whispering Wood (partly) to where the Blackwood Vale currently is. The Whispering Wood would become a valley starting between Oldstones and Fairmarket, extending to where Pennytree currently is. This move will have multiple benefits. I'd be more than happy to make a map for this, especially so since I have made some plans regarding the Blackwood Vale for a future project.

Edit | Let it be clear that I have no intention of incorperating the Whispering Wood into Fairmarket. I just want to make sure I don't have to uproot half the project later.
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With the summer holiday behind me I think it is a good time to give another update.

I have started on amending the terrain north of Fairmarket to fit the plans posted in June. This includes lowering parts of the terrain to make way for the wetlands. However, since I do not have a lot of time on my hands I expect this to take a while.

The septry at Fairmarket has been redesigned (again). The new layout makes it more fortified and slightly more expansive, while also spreading the buildings out more.