Wyl by Endymion


Wyl has been going strong for a half year now and it might be time for an update ;).

What is finished:

  • All the holdfast along the boneway and the watchtower at the cadet vale are done. The roads going towards them are still WIP.
  • The southern hamlet is completely done appart from some grass and a small strech of coastline on the narrowsea at the easternside of that vale.
  • The cadet vale is also close to finishing. There lacks still some grass on the mountains. (This will be done once the plant update is done.) The castle and hamlet are done. What is left to do is finishing the path going towards the watchtower and completing the dry plateau. Once this plateau is done it all done areas will become 1 big area.
  • The boneway is well underway with almost all of the terra done from the cadet vale to the yronwood border. The river still needs to be plotted and vegitation is still to be placed. This shouldn’t take to long unless i get distracted again.
  • The town will be adressed in a seperate post because it’s the thing everyone has been asking me about and i feel no one will read this lenghty post.

What is next?
  • The town will be further developed.
  • The boneway will be continued all the way to yronwood.
  • The last parts of the 1st fase will be started, that being the septry vale and goatpath daemon took to bypass the watchtowers on the boneway. Expect a map for it a some point in the future.
  • I’m looking to make an imersionbuild in an empty vale next to Yronwood and Wyl. I’ll keep you posted when it will be open for application.

On an other note, you might have seen that maj his name is nolonger in the thread title. This is because Maj is nolonger a co-lead on Wyl. I have been running Wyl on my own since Febuari and it’s to time consuming to try and keep an inactive member updated. Most people don’t even know Wyl is a co-op at this point. Maj was notified of this decision on the 13th of July and hasn’t chosen to respond since. I gave him time to respond until 31th of July however I don’t see why i should wait, if he doesn’t want to respond.

I’d like to thank everyone who has helped on Wyl so far. Especially Emote, Lemon, Iwan, Dragons, Amm and Maj.


The town is being redone infavour of a more suitable location and a more logical and organic plotting. I am aware of the critism that the terrain around the town isn’t done yet.

Most of the houses from the old town were copied over. If your house wasn’t copied over, it’s not because i don’t like it, but because it was a bit hard to fit into the new layout. If you want to adjust or redo your ints of your house in the new town you can! But please leave a yellow wool block above them so I know it has been fixed/redone. I’m currently on holyday and I’ll return around the 6th or 7th of August.


Lean forward and grab!
I wished there had been some communication of this prior to changing this all. I'm not one of your approving mods of course, and maybe you let them know in advance, but locating the town so close to the mouth of the Wyl river will have direct influence on how we are going to terraform that, which I think we still plan to do together? Would have loved to knock out the terrain, or at least solid plans for it, before creating a situation where we will have to carefully work around a build. I think it's generally a good idea to think projects from a top to bottom approach, and not jump right to some step in the middle of the process.

Regardless of that, I am confident we can work these things out, it'll just be more annoying and I won't spare you moody complaints about how everything would have been easier if you had only listened to me (like this one.)


Hi Maj and Endy,

I've removed one post from this thread. I'd like to give a reminder that posting private messages in a public forum without permission from the other party is not an acceptable way to communicate. If you would like to give a response, please restructure your post to exclude these details and to voice your concerns in a more civil and respectful light.

It's unfortunate that communication between you decayed to this extent, although co-op builds can be genuinely difficult for a number of reasons: Inactivity and problems with availability, conflicts in vision between different leads, etc. Especially with a massive project like Wyl, bumps in the road are bound to pop up. Maj, it's good that you've been able to contribute some nice-looking areas to Wyl, but as you mentioned, I think it's probably for the best to separate from the project now and be able to work on something independently once you have more motivation. Hopefully you two don't hold this against each other, and in the future it just looks like another silly argument over nothing.

Please feel free to contact me via private message if either of you two have any further questions/concerns.