The setting of the sun.


Lord Paramount of The Riverlands
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They said the sun would never set on the British Empire, but time must go on. And now the sun has set on modship.

I became a mod a couple of years ago now, from being a builder since late 2014, there year in which I met some of my closest friends wheter that be contra, birdman, veggie, aslan, jmp, SMP, banty, tact or whomever else Im sure you know who you are. I will always hold these friendships close to my heart. And later on becoming close to arkil, cedric, Ammika, wrmy, wolf, toby. Great people.

The server has guided me through the worts times in my life thus far, but also gave me some amazing memories.

Im at uni now and spend most of my time studying or with friends/girlfriend.

I hope my modship had created some good times on the server and brought innovative ideas, I hope you all can carry on that torch. I can happily say that the Riverlands have been made great.

I’ll see you all around.

Love - Lord Paramount Waz of the Riverlands.


Good luck living life, Waz! Glad you got out. The Widows will never forget your contributions to our agenda. x


I can not find words to express my feelings at this point. Waz, I wish you good luck for the days still to come. May we see you again.