The Rookery - Winter 2020 Update


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We don't include all WIP projects in the showcase. We showcase a few each issue. We always accept specific submissions for WIP projects to include during the submission period!
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the intention is not for people to be jumping on you lemon, we all appreciate very much what you have done for us in terms of the server and the rookery. we understand that it takes effort to put something this good together, and while you worked hard, i think some people feel slighted and with the situation in server chat adding on to that. it makes some of us feel as though our questions and comments aren't valid solely on the basis that it's ""negative"". the backlash from these tiny comments that we've received is disproportionate. I'm hurt that we've all been tarred "ungrateful". when have we ever expressed contempt or hatred for the rookery? I'm genuinely curious if we've given that impression, and i speak for all of us when we say its not intentional. tbh seeing the rookery is a great reminder of the community I'm a part of, one that usually is kind and receptive to comments. I'm sure this comment will be deleted, but for the 5 or so minutes it's out there I want it known that we appreciate your work lemon, especially during the pandemic and holiday season, things must be extremely tough for you.
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Apologies CC that was my error for not seeing your name on the District 31 App when putting the list together. Lem’s put a huge amount of time and effort into this edition, which is saying something given it’s also the holidays.
No worries cash :)