Thamus' Texture Treasure Trove

Thanks for the Feedback Marge!

Can we have a changelog from the previous iteration? I think Im most excited about the ores

Also I think you should also add an overlay for scorched earth, fallen leaves, pine needles and ash blocks as well, since those would benefit a lot from a "scatter" effect
Changelog (from memory):
- Made overlays for all main and alt terrain sets. There is a hierarchy to the overlays, meaning that some override others. It is a branched order roughly visualizable like this: North> Iron Islands > Eastern Islands > Mountains of the Moon < Westerlands < Reach > Arbor/Dorne > Red Mountains < Stormlands. All of them overlay River and Ocean.
- Include the redstone block textures shown here.
- Made sure that the overlay works with all ores against all main and alt terrain sets.

Scorched earth, fallen leaves, pine needels, and ash will be on my list!

I did spot a small issue with plasters, theres a checkboard floor pattern in two rooms in Highgarden made from brown plaster and white plaster that ends up with this:
Hm. I gotta say, I don't understand what using plasters as a checkerboard pattern flooring represents, but a fix on my side could be to restrict the overlay to only the sides of the block. However, I'd like to urge whoever is in charge to reconsider that choice. I'm happy to create a properly tiled floor texture to replace the use of wall render material as flooring.
I'd like to make the suggestion that Oldtown brick and arbor light brick blend with arbor light stone similar to how reach brick blends with light stone. View attachment 5527
Can we wait with this until after Oldtown is build? The overlays are not standard to the texture pack of the server and I want to prevent gradients that look smooth to the builder but are in reality salt and pepper. A massive city build is hard enough without having to correct every other building because the builders are seeing something different than every guest does.
Adding to what Stoop said, I recommend not depending on the in-development features of the pack while building in general, since things that look good with it may not look good without it. Take the pack off when doing building, put it on while exploring.

All the terrainset-based overlay CTMs (including the ores, cushion moss, etc.) seem to be solidified now, and will be included into the official pack (hopefully soon). Other ones will need a bit more discussion, since I've seen some cases which they detract from so we'll need to figure out how we want to resolve those.