Sunspear/Dorne Redo Discussion Megathread

Along the western edge, sure something drier like that Kor but in the mountains some hella cool stuff like this Pyrenean stuff but with a red hue

Also, the Princes Pass/Wide Way should be made into two valleys with a pass connecting them, meaning we could have Skyreach in one of these valleys, kings grave on a valley/plateau that connects to the northern one and shift get rid of the weird westward dogleg so that it begins with znightsong at the head of the journey, not Darkdell.

also, the princes pass needs to be made greener as it needs to be able to support 10,000 men for at least a year encamped within it.


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Eastern Dorne inspo
As pointed by Margaery, East Dorne is mostly dry, stony soil ill-suited for agriculture. Some regions I think could be useful for this are Los Monegros and Las Bardenas Reales in Northeastern Spain, Desierto de Tabernas in Southeastern Spain, South Morocco, Northern Iraq, Palestine (which George R.R. Martin said was inspirational when creating Dorne), Algeria, Eastern Crete... The Ebro Valley I think is a great inspo for the Greenblood, since is decently sized river that goes throught a dry, semiarid region.
800px-Almeria_01.jpgTabernas_al_sur_de_Mini_Hollywood_OASYS-5.jpgGuadix 3.jpg2021-04-11.png800px-Tabernas_-_003_(30064345113).jpg800px-Panorama_Djebel_el_Kest.jpgBaza más seco.jpg2021-04-11 (2).png

Google Maps panoramics
There's a wide variety of landscapes, from more barren to lightly "wooded". I also added some gorges and ouadis that could be doted throught the region.


On the topic of the town of Mahdia, almost nothing of its fortifications remain exept for an impressive gatehouse that also has an attached bazaar, a covered market, called 'skifa el kahla'. It was recently restored and is walkable with google maps!


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Mahdia reconstruction by Jean Claude Golvin! For the walls of Sunspear Granada and the Alhambra, Córdoba, Sevilla, Almería, Fes, Marrakech, Niebla, Toledo, Meknes, Salé, Rabat, Oran, Algiers, Tunis, Sousse, Kairouan, Sfax, Bizerte... are great sources of inspiration.​