Approved Project Application: Wickenden Redo


The Dark Lord Sauron
Staff member
Rather than include forests that need updating in a SE Vale mega-project, why not make it part of the Gulltown Sprawl? that way it gets absorbed into an already existing megaproject-like system that is also easier to rationalise.

Well, my head-plans for the megaproject include terraforming of the Gulltown peninsula (possibly blending into the actual Gulltown redo at a late stage, but I expect the server build would be a separate application to the megaproject). I'm not sure that the stuff around Redfort and Ruthermont can reasonably be considered part of the Gulltown sprawl, but a megaproject consisting of the entire region would be analogous to what we did with OT (with respect to redoing the two surrounding projects and terraforming the entire area).

But these details can be fleshed out more when I actually get around to drafting future plans and making an application.