Project Application: Stoney Sept


The first SS Mini, 'The Stoney Sept Lumber Mill', is open now for applications! The description is as follows:

"The Stoney Sept lumber mill. ‘Lumberjacks’ cut logs cut down in the nearby Threepenny wood and driven by cart to the mill for processing. Lumber is then shipped down the river by millworkers either on lowboats or in ‘stacks’."


The mini location can be found at /warp sslumbermill. The general area is open for use, and as the sprawl is still in planning stages nearby, the successful applicant will have flexibility in how much land is used for the mill. Please note the lumber mill is reasonably sized, and serves the town and its surrounding lands. Applicants also have the option of using the nearby river to 'power' the mill, although it is at their discretion whether or not to do so.

Please apply with screenshots of tests - applicants are encouraged to copy/paste the relevant chunk of land to their test plot for testing.

The Mill should have a large yard as well as nearby cut-down trees.