Approved Project Application : House Crane of Red Lake by ZoSo_666


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Thanks Andy!
I have no problem with the tributaries streams it will looks better in general.

Also thanks Demod! I hope to see you visit the castle :)


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Hello everyone here is a little update for Red Lake !

So, i have worked on the terra for the moment, mainly the lake and the castle ! i can say that the lake is closed to be finished, i also started to plot the 3 main hamlets (except the main town).

Also, i come with a little update of the land's layout, i talked with Howy ingame and we agreed that main river could be more up to standards. So here is the link of the map i made.

Don't pay attention to the little red dots, they are not hamlets but just point of interest. It's a plan a bit more precise than the one i put on the first app but it follows the same idea.
The ideas are to :
- connect the Lake to the Westbrook river
- modify the path of the main river and make it more realistic (imply additional terra and tributaries ofc)
- i have also the idea to put a cannal behind the town to separate it from the fields (i put some inspiration pics in the document)

For the area near the Mander i'll wait for the terra to be sure to plot correctly the town !

For the mini project (see main app) if you are interrested don't hesitate to ask me or at least test for it as it will probably need a bit of terra !
I also finished Silverwing's lair on the lake, the skeleton fly above so if someone is willing to put it in just ask ;)

thanks !


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Hello! I will be doing the lumber hamlet at /warp rllumberjack for @ZoSo_666.

Features of this hamlet will include:
- 4 worker houses
- 1 to 2 storage buildings
- 1 wind powered lumber mill
- forested and deforested areas

Test of the lumber mill will be posted at a later date.


hey zos, i was visiting redlake today, and noticed you changed the castle again, made the towers and walls really tall. the hall seems far too large for such a house, it's rivaling highgarden's atm. and i'm not personally comfortable with how tall you've made the towers, i think your first and second versions floating nearby are far better.but your mod's do have final say, i just thought i'd mention it before i forgot


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Hey @Enah thanks for you feedback !

I understand your point about the height of the towers and walls; i checked their height, the walls are 26 blocks tall and if i'm not wrong it's possible to lower that at the same height than the floating one (21 blocks). So it's not a problem.

About the hall, yes it's taller too, it can be fixed also, but it has the same length than the previous version. Also house Crane is know as one of the principal house sworn to HG, i know it's not an absolute argument but it can be a clue.

Maybe i can explain why i wanted to change the castle, it's mainly a question of realism after lot of researches, i agree that the previous version were "good" but i can give a long list of mistake which are now for me a brake for the realism. So here are some arguments that push me to change the castle :

  • the emplacement which is canon. Real castles built on a lake are either on an already existing island (like cannero castle), directly on the shore (oberhofen castle) or on the lake itself (chillon castle which is possible thanks to geography of the region). At Redlake, the castle has been built on the shore and then they dug the moat. The previous one was directly built on the lake with no specific strong base and the farmstead on the shore and the moat was actually the shore. (i can link you a picture if you want).
  • Historic reason :
    • They have as ancestor a Rose of the lake a daughter of Garth Greenhand => so the Castle has to reflect it has been built long time ago. It's doesn't mean that the castle have to like in disrepair. It's like what is the current purpose of each room and what WAS their purpose long time ago when they first built the castle and how they "update these rooms" with wall panelling for exemple!
    • They are probably northmarches lord such the Rowan, also they border the Westerlands, once an instable region (Lancel IV was killed at Redlake) => so accentuated on military aspect, The castle must give the feeling of a true castle more than a chateau if i can say that. Also, the farmstead doesn't have a defensive purpose, so, even if there is a moat/drawbridges, defensers need to be able to shoot arrows, ect.. that's why there is an overhang and i plan to add the little rempart on the left of the gatetower.
  • Layout : the inner layout (which is a major point) was really bad. For exemple there is towers without support on their lowest floors, problems with accesses to rooms and basements and lot of other things that are so illogical after studying some castle layouts. Also if attackers take the first room they find they take all the castle => So more "simple" inner layout. I had the chance to visit the Saumur castle and i think it's a really good inspiration for Redlake. My two inspirations for the inner layout/rooms purpose and organisation are the Saumur castle and the Chillon Castle.
To resume i have lot a reason for changing the castle to something more realistic, maybe i did it no very well! that's why i'm happy you gave me feedback.
Obviously the castle still need work, i really want to imphasis on the realism on every layer ! it's just a question of little iteration and i aim to be able to justified every choices i made i term of realism and historical accuracy !

thanks !


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I have been speaking to zoso for a couple of days and on Wednesday I decided to take up a mini in redlake as i had finished up in whiteharbour.

so i am testing for the Cranes hunters mansion in the south east of the lands.

heres what the current test looks like, I have 2 different palettes.

also research pics for it are here(won't showing for me yesterday)
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thanks for applying Majic !

Approved from me !
As we talked in game i prefer the d&w palette, i think it looks more unique than the full stone one
just need the approval from a mod now !
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Hi just wanted to mention I had just finished the crane country manor today, heres some screenshots/or visit it in game. /warp redlakevillage then go south east (i think) or eld set a warp haha :p

album below
also thank you endymion for the sept and the sept garden
and cloud thanks for the groundkeepers cottage and with the kitchens.

hope everything is ok.


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Approved from me Pix ! and yes i think it could fit better at the border near goldengrove i put a red marker at the place
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Thanks for your bump Dutch !

There hasn't been much progresses this past months due to the fact that i am a bit busy irl actually, but i am still motivated to finish the project. It's just that for the moment i'm not able to make as progress as before when i'm on.

So for more precise stuff i labelled the following map :

(btw, you can notice that it's not the same borders than the one on the dynmap, i don't mind following natural borders, i'd just like to keep that in mind for the eventual redo of GG and not nuke the area between the river and the Rowan lands)


Green areas :
almost done and furnished, they just need a full review, little updatings like new blocks and few WE work like ground painting etc. I don't plan to make big changes within theses areas.

Blue areas :
- North area : It's a mini made by Amm, i have to make the surrondings.
- South west, the water-drived hammer hamlet : everything is plotted and open to builders, just ask me if someone want to do the water hammer
- South east, the vassal hamlet, everything is plotted and open to builders. I took a castle from the orphanage with the permission of Enah, there is still a bit of work on it like furnishing, ect..
- The mander town : everything is plotted and open within the town and its surrondings.
- The septry area : i've finally converged with a design i like for the septry, it need gradient and furnishing. There is also a farmstead nearby. this area requires a bit more WE work tho.
- The Castle / lake : not a lot to say about that, i have to finish the WE works for the lake and the shore (i have to play a bit with new blocs before). The castle needs ints and maybe few modifications to respect realistic volumes.

Orange areas :
- i have still no ideas what to do with theses areas, so any ideas is welcomed!

Yellow area :
- It's probably an area that will need a redo, i don't like the plotting / style i have to think about it.

So here's the global state of the project, i have made a lot but there is still a lot to do.
I don't mentionned it but there is also all the forests that have to be made which is a big part.
As i said before the thread i'll probably also uptade the forests that surrond Red Lake when i am done with it.

I'll probably have to make a big check of everything to be sure that there isn't any outdated style too.

Also if anyone is willing to help on anything i mentioned above (except the castle), he is welcomed ! ;) just throw me a message ingame or on the forum i check it regaluarly

to finish, as Andy is no longer a mod, i'll need another approving mod !


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Thanks for the update! I'll fix the border to match your map. I have also added a sign at /warp build to advertise the plots you mentioned. Most plots dont have anything to indicate palette or profession though, is there a style guide or existing set of buildings to refer to?


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Hi Dutch !
it's hard for me to find time to come ingame but i still aim to finish the project!
to list what left to do :
- all forests terraforming
- Finishing the main town at /warp rlhamlet3 (there is still open plots there)
- almost everything at the village at /wap redlakevillage
- the monastery/farming area near the Broom border
- All the main lake area + finishing the castle and its surrondings

It will also probably need a whole polishing check to do !