OT Team: Canals & Rivers

Description: This team focuses on the rivers and canals inside the city walls, which includes both finishing touches to the river terraforming, and the developing of styles for the canals and other water ways. The team also plans and organizes the water market and finds spots for other water related features throughout the city, like mills, above ground water reservoirs, etc.

Estimated Workload: Some initial work to set up style guides for the canals, also some terraforming. Close interaction with the Sewers team is required. Lateron, once the city build is underway, some cooperation with subdistrict leaders will be required to organize some of the features.

Objectives: Rivers and canals, other water related features (above ground)

Team Lead: lemonbear
Team Members:
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I can has join team Canal? I promise I won't go too heavy into a waterfront slum aesthetic in every circumstance I find myself =)
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I'd love to join the rivers/canals team.
I've worked on a few minis and larger special plots, but I managed to re-join the server at a time when there are a lack of minis. So I guess this would fill that void for me.
if you need any more info or anything lemme know :)
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Hi guys! I'm not quite ready to open the team up yet (still setting up a few things)! I'll be sure to let you know once I do, though!
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I don't know if the applications are still open or not but, I have really been interested in river terra lately, while I don't have experience in this type of field I do think I'm a quick learner and I am ''fluent'' in WE. So I would love to join the team if you would have me.
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