Old forums temporarily reactivated

Hey all - I was searching for some old WesterosCraft stuff and went back and reactivated our old Enjin site for the next 13 days, and figured long time builders might want to use the chance to find information/threads that may have been lost or for newer builders to check out the old site. Warning that a lot of the website assets are missing so its gunna look like crap!

Unfortunately Enjin is a really shady company, they spun off into doing blockchain stuff now (???) and it looks like they haven't updated anything on their system in years besides some cosmetic bullshit. They also don't let you export any information, whatsoever, to save it. Of course they allow you to import anything into THEIR site :mad: But oh well. Feel free to check it out.

If someones experienced with web crawlers, please feel free and try and grab as much info as you can, I would really appreciate it!

Old home page: https://testwesteros.enjin.com/
Old forums: https://testwesteros.enjin.com/forum/m/12700545
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Oh god looking at the old forums brought so many memories and emotions. Specially looking at all the builders that aren’t active anymore (cries). And also what Cash said ^^ have been trying to remember for a while but now it’s easier to locate :D
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