In Progress House Serrett of Silverhill


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So the name of the keep I made up seems to actually be canon.
I called it Silverhall because it made sense as GRRM names his castles many time as [x]hall.

I picked up my copy of A Game of Thrones and looked over the map and saw something odd. The name on the map given to the castle itself is Silverhall not Sivlerhill.

So I imagine the geological location is a hill with a mine who was or is rich in silver ore and they built a castle on top of it called Silverhall.



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I have not progressed much in the past month as I put most of my time in Duskendale.
I want to reiterate that Silverhill was planned to take 3 years at least so there is no loss in inspiration or desire to finish this project.
I plan to finish the keep and the town along with surrounding farmland before 2020.


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I am almost done with the castle ints and started doing eastern valleys as they weren't done as good as the western portion which I intend to keep.
I already have done some mountains and terra work at Silverhill, Banefort and did the DD bay using sel convex techniques which I intend to use.
The valley is named King's Bird Valley as stated in the app and it will have the Sterrett hunting lodge near a sub-alpine lake. I'm also using this opportunity to make a logical drainage basin with the valley. Hopefully I'l be able to do it alone but if not I'l ask help from people more skilled with terra. Thanks kul for the document :)
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