Approved House Peake of Starpike - Project Application by SseriousBusiness

Hey jmcmarq! Sorry for the late response, but I’m pleased with the plotting, although I’d remove the guest house (unless there’s a specific reason you put in one?), and instead of 3 houses on the top left corner have only 2 a bit more spaced out and have one other house on the guest house place like this.


but besides that I think it’s good. I’ll give some indications a long the way. Approved by me.
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Thank you so so much May!! And I’m glad you had fun with it :D. Right now I won’t be able to go in game for some weeks so I won’t be able to approve it anytime soon I’m afraid, but whenever I can go online I’ll look over it. Thank you once more for helping on the project!!
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Lord Lannister
Greetings folks of this thread,
SseriousBusiness , I would like to officially apply for the olive oil production complex mini near /warp starvillage1.
I made a test for the general building style at my plot (that plot with the giant Classic Mac OS menu bar, /warp shymon), you'll know when you see it (it's floating heh).
I have also decided to scrap the water mill idea because I see it as too excessive for such a small olive oil industry.

Anyways, here is the approximate plan for the general layout:
Legend: Red - house, Yellow - production area & storage, Purple - big house with storage underneath the living area
olive oil production complex.png

most marvelous regards, Shymon of house Lannister.

So, this update has been long overdue. Between a lot of projects and shenanigans I didn't feel I had substantial changes to make an update on this, and this semester completely overtook every hour of the day + dealing with a pandemic and still maintaining some sort of mental and physical health hasn't given me time to go online as much. But now that the semester is over and summer break started hopefully I'll have more time to invest in finishing all the projects I currently have with as much quality as possible.

Another reason for not posting as much is the social anxiety that the forums and general community give me sometimes. But, I'm trying to deconstruct these feelings and be more open to community input and feedback. With that said, please feel free to chime in :)

I redid the castle :)

I'm adamant in making this the final version and not changing it anymore. Reasons for the re-do is structural problems I had with the previous test (which is in old builds) the buildings in the outside might have looked nice but the interiors the layout and the whole space of it was messed up and this new test is a lot cleaner and organized in terms of rooms, spaces, buildings and areas.

Castle Images
The test is near /warp Starpike, almost all rooms and buildings are labeled except for the 2 buildings that will be encrusted in the cliff rock below the main donjon (those being potter house and yard, and carpenter house and yard + more accommodations for servants. The main castle part was more or less copied from the main castle in Commarque.

For now I'm focusing solely on the castle, I'll do a post later on about all the lands. About the minis most of them have been approved or I have slightly altered them. I want to finish the castle in one sweep so I don't change my mind in terms of style or whatever, I have noticed the more I tend to last on a WIP build the more I want to modify it every now and then, so if my approving mods can give me the green light or fb on the current castle model and plans then Ill start on exteriors and then interiors.

Thank you for reading,


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Hey guys,

Sorry for the confusion but, when the palette issue was brought up, I didn't have the time to focus and be online because of a portfolio and an early christmas trip. Added to that I had to adapt and learn a palette I've never used before compared to my months of work with the terracotta palette. So I decided to delete the app and wait for another time so here it is :D

Hope you like it!

hey seri, can you make this sheet public or post another link if you have it?