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My ideas for the maze is to include pavilions, statues, fountains, and lookout terraces throughout to break up the monotony. I like the folklore statues idea, would be very up to include such in it! :D I'm very excited for statue-builders to try some out!
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So ... I was thinking about the gardens more and more, and think it would be really cool to have the sculptures and towers be constellation themed. This led to some research about astronomy in GoT and the list of known constellations ... which led to a further inquiry into constellations in general, a comparison of Western and non-Western constellations, and a working theory of astronomical significance for the GoT universe. Will post more (when I've finished my MSPaint mock up of the Westerosi heavens mapped onto our constellations!!!) but clearly, I am a still a madman and love this universe WAY too much!


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Oh -- here is a potential overlay of five circles (for the Golden Roses) and also some seven-pointed stars. I suppose we could also design a 12 sided figure that has 7 stars and 5 roses, but this aligned with the current entrances in a fairly logical way!

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That's actually not far off a test I did a few months ago

The dimensions will apparently be a little different in the final version, the hedge will be two blocks wide instead of one.


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Hi everyone!

I'm happy to announce that applications and testing for HG Castle are now open! Attached is the guide document for all the structures within the castle walls which should give some insight into how you may want to lay out the buildings. If you're interested in doing Ints for the structures that are mostly fleshed out, make a room test or two, and let Enah or I know your interest. You don't need a formal typed application, but tests on plots are fine as wool models.

There's a floating style guide South-West of Highgarden, for windows, doors, fireplaces etc. We're working on a texture pack patch in the coming weeks, so some of the blocks we're currently using are just placeholders (such as marble pillars outside). With this in mind, tests don't need to have an exterior palette yet.

See the document below. For more inspiration, there is a drive link in the document to the inspiration images file.

Thanks to everyone that's pitched in so far, and we're looking forward to getting this underway! :D


I can't apply since I don't have builder status (yet?) but if I may I did fiddle around with a few designs for garden features for parts of Highgarden and its environs that could serve as inspiration.


Elaborate fountain built in the time of the Gardener Kings (base) and renovated by the Tyrells (elaborate water spouty bit). Even includes a little sitting area for Willas to read important documents or to write letters to Oberyn.


A more recently-made fountain with cleaner stones and elaborate flower arrangements



Marble gazebo grown over with flowering vines for extra privacy and a cyvasse table for Garlan and Willas


Old swing for when the Tyrells were still children and Alerie and Mace would spend afternoons with them.


Seating area for Olenna and Margaery scheming, with cheese for the Queen of Thorns of course.


Potted peach tree, specifically set aside for when Renly visits.


Different variations for outdoor planters

2 variations of flowers in vases


Golden roses for the fields outside of Highgarden. The wildflowers surrounding the shrub is meant as a continuation of the colors of the roses, but without making it a monoculture of nothing but roses.


Concept for a thorny climbing rose.


For some of the main gardens for hg, I think it would be nice to have some Dutch tulip fields or such. Probably not inside the walls due to obvious space issues, but maybe as a sort of 'garden-sprawl' sort of thing, expanding far out and making hg look more imposing/larger.

obviously the fields wouldn't be quite as bright, but not too dark.
(btw, I know hg is supposed to be French-styled, but I think this could work nice as a nice mix and compliment the style you are going for.)
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I've spoken to Ark in game and would love to do the bell tower off of the ballroom. I would still love to help with the gardens, palace, maze and gold vault! :)
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Keep it up guys! If you need anything plotted copied to your plots/playground to test, give us a shout and we’ll do it for you! 7, i’ll Try and get on tonight and plot the vaults for you to start testing!
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Keep it up guys! If you need anything plotted copied to your plots/playground to test, give us a shout and we’ll do it for you! 7, i’ll Try and get on tonight and plot the vaults for you to start testing!
I've now had my houses copied and pasted onto the house section


I recreated some of the garden features into /warp highgardentest, next to CashBank's hedgemaze tests its on a floating glass platform, I'll be adding more in time
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