Help out with a Timelapse!

Will you be helping us out on September 19th?

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Hey all,

Today fluboss, myself, and a few other volunteers tested a reverse timelapse of one of Winterfell's towers to test out some ideas for a full-scale video.

Most of you know what a timelapse is, but what is a reverse timelapse?
Basically, we are filmed slowly destroying a build, top to bottom, and then the footage is reversed and sped up to make it look like its being built from nothing!

As server builds nowadays take a long time to complete, they aren't really feasible as timelapses, but with the magic of a reverse timelapse we can simulate what that might look like. The first build we want to do a reverse timelapse for is Winterfell.

The time we are provisionally planning to do this is 9pm GMT (5pm EST), Saturday, September 19th.

The filming will be coordinated using discord, by myself and fluboss, so please only join if you can access discord. You won't need to speak but you will need to hear me and fluboss as we organise the various shots.

We will be posting more details in this thread about how we will organize the filming, in what order, and how.

Let us know if you will join us by answering the poll above! That way we can get an idea of how many people might be interested.
hey so i live in Belgium. do you have any idea what the time would be if i want to join?
because the times you gave are american times i guess. and they don't apply here then.
Make a one block tall selection of the tip large enough to fit the circumference of the entire tower.
Delete all stone type blocks
Delete all wood type blocks
Delete all deco type blocks
Shift the selection down by one block

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