Builder application + tips if possible


I love Game of Thrones (Watched the whole series and read the first two books. At the moment im reading book 3, the german book 3, so Im basically in the middle of the original book 2).

I have multiple characters i like the most. Luwin, Robb, Cat, Ned, Robert Baratheon, Shireen and many more. But the one i truly love is Davos. I dont know why, but i love him ^^.

And i love Minecraft.

And in my opinion I'm a decent builder. So I decided to apply for as a builder on Westeroscraft. Im not sure, if you need these types of buildings, but if you need them, here you go. But i have still much to learn.
At the moment I build a castle in a singleplayer world. I had some inspiration from your server and used my own creativity. The Build is in an early state. I only build the walls and the raw outside of the caste, without block variation or much ornamentation (pictures below, building time so far: around 2 weeks, but i didnt build every single day).


I think i can create good layouts, wich are mostly historical correct, because i watch a lot of videos and documentarys and read a lot of books about about these topics (Im a die hard medieval and middle ages fan!)

My problem in terms of building is the lack skill to build unique shapes. How you can see at the pics, i mostly build just straight up without much variation in the shape of walls, towers, etc. ... .

I hope you could give me some tips how i can improve my building skills, especially for castles, walls, towers, etc.
Im a quik learner and always try to make my builds better.

(I made the map with world painter. It doesnt look that great, but it was my first map created with the program, so i think its decent,
respectively enough for my purpose ^^)


(im sorry for the bad english, im german so ...)
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Moin Flo,

that looks like a decent start for a castle, albeit, as you pointed out yourself, one with a rather simplistic footprint. If you want to achieve more realistic layouts, use real life inspiration. Check out stuff on Pinterest, or simply google around for interesting castles and try to take elements from what you find as inspiration. You're german, odds are you live near some castle. Take a hike and explore
If you're looking to join our builder team, mind that we are strictly looking for houses in your application builds. Building a castle would come at a later stage in your WesterosCraft career.

Since there are a number of key aspects missing for this to be considered an actual application, I assume it's meant to be a request for feedback that just found its way to the wrong subforum. Read the application rules if you want to apply.


ayyyy, it's Muiderslot outside Amsterdam. this was used for the current form of Old Flowers keep


Okay. so on the builder application is says build a medieval village house in the westeroscraft launcher, i have the launcher but i don't know where to build because you cant place blocks, help?