1. P

    Error during login self signes certificate

    Hi everyone. I don't know if the section is right, I think not. However, there is a problem in the access, it practically returns the self-signed certificate error, when I bought the game instead ... How can I do?
  2. Z

    Builder application + tips if possible

    I love Game of Thrones (Watched the whole series and read the first two books. At the moment im reading book 3, the german book 3, so Im basically in the middle of the original book 2). I have multiple characters i like the most. Luwin, Robb, Cat, Ned, Robert Baratheon, Shireen and many more...
  3. electricthrusts

    Westeroscraft X IBXToycat

    Kobe aka Hardzzgaming from westeroscraft did a collaborator with a larger channel, IBXToycat who has over 1 million subs! They travel round the server and talk about what we do. Should be some good exposure for the server as it has received 20K+ views in 2 days! Link below!
  4. Iwan


    A Game of Blocks MMO Premise Ascent through the ranks of Westerosi Politics, from a common peasant to a high lord during the confusion of the “War of the Five Kings”. Gain riches by trade, make allies by clever diplomacy, sow chaos with false truces and win fierce battles in your pursuit...