Approved [APPEAL APPROVED] Driftmark by Dragons


Donkey Lord
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Shouldn't the Castle driftmark have some kind of valyrian architecture like dragonstone(dark materials, etc.)

Yes but no. Driftmark was built by Valyrians but the Velaryons weren’t dragonlords. WRMD’s tests have some really cool Valyrian features but will not have ornate dragonstone walls the dragonlords were known for.


Cersei's Left Bob

Hello, here's a small update on Driftmark overall so far:

- The castle of High Tide (not the whole island it sits on) is mostly done, but will need an update due to new river cobble and small brick blocks that outdated the current gradient. I'll also see if there can be some slight changes in layout and the state the castle is in, knowing its history.

- Some stylistic tests for castle Driftmark are flying around /warp castledriftmark. I intend for this to be the last part of the project to be finished, as I want to focus on a more comprehensive analysis of how valyrian architecture would be represented there.

- There are also some early tests for the town of Hull at /warp hull. These will definitely develop more since we got new whitewash and timber blocks.

- Speaking of the new whitewash blocks, there's a bunch of new rural style houses at /warp dm, that will replace the style I applied with.

- The ruins of Spicetown at /warp spicetown are almost done, however I might revisit some parts later on. That being said, I'm satisfied with how low-key it looks at the moment.

- The rocky shores that were done last year are being polished at the moment. There is also a Cornwall-style forest on the western part of the island.

- The holdfast of House Correy is under construction at /warp correy.

I think that's all, thank you for reading.


Noticed something, canon states that high tide is built with the same material as the Eyrie right? Does this mean if/when the eyrie gets redone it will be in the same palette/material? Or does it just not look the same since it was burned