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Cersei's Left Bob

House Velaryon
by Dragons

High Hermitage
Red Keep
the Dun Fort (WIP)

House Velaryon is an ancient house of Valyrian descent that commands the Gullet from the island of Driftmark.
Here is the new canon:
The island

-low-lying and fertile isle
-small holdings on the island granted to knights Hugh Hammer and Ulf White
-lands given to Daemion and Daeron Velaryon by Alyn Velaryon, the Oakenfist

Castle Driftmark

-more ancient than Dragonstone
-a dark, grim place, always damp and often flooded
-dark, salt-stained walls

High Tide

-a new castle built by Corlys Velaryon on the other side of the island, when the
house was the richest in Westeros, surpassing the Hightowers and the Lannisters in wealth
-built of the same pale stone as the Eyrie
-slender towers crowned with roofs of beaten silver
-when tides rolled in, the castle was surrounded by the sea, connected to the Driftmark proper only by a causeway
-the legendary ancient Driftwood Throne was moved from Driftmark to High Tide
-put to torch in the aftermath of the Battle of the Gullet (130 AC), the bloodiest sea battle in known history


-a village near High Tide that transformed into a busy port, that soon began to usurp much
of the shipping that would elsewise have made for Duskendale or King's Landing
-in the aftermath of the Battle of the Gullet, the town was brutally sacked - inhabitants butchered in the streets,
and buildings burned
-the town was never rebuilt


-three modest fishing villages beneath Castle Driftmark that grew together into a thriving town called Hull
-named after the rows of ship hulls that could always be seen below the castle
-famed shipyard
-tomb of Ser Addam Velaryon with 'LOYAL' engraved on the tomb, along with carvings of a seahorse and a mouse
-a palatial manse overlooking the harbor built by the mother of Lord Oakenfist, dubbed the Mouse House

The project needs to be changed drastically in order to satisfy the canon. The island will be enlarged in order to fit the several canon locations, as well as pastures and fields with smaller hamlets and fishing villages covering the island. The shores will be low beaches, while only the easternmost parts of the island will be elevated with cliffs.


High Tide
The castle of High Tide will be situated on a tidal island. After being put to torch 170 years ago, it has been rebuilt, although not to its full glory. Signs of this will be visible - burn marks, older stone foundations on some buildings, remains of defensive structures around and below the castle...

Inspiration - Saint Michael's Mount in Cornwall

Spicetown is a ruined town that has never been rebuilt after the Battle of the Gullet. Most of the stones were used for building new houses and rebuilding High Tide. However, some remains will still be seen, such as stone foundations, frames of bigger buildings, stone quays still used by the Velaryons because of its close distance from the castle of High Tide.

Castle Driftmark
The ancient ancestral seat of the Velaryons, built before Dragonstone as an outpost of the great Valyrian empire. It is above Hull, a nearby port town. It was often damp and cramped for the growing house, so they relocated to High Tide. This castle will first and foremost be a fortress. Located near the Long point of Driftmark, the castle stands on a cliff and has a fortified staircase leading up to the entrance.

Inspiration - Castle Rushen and the HBO depiction of Dragonstone

Hull is a port town named after the rows of ships below Castle Driftmark. It has grown from three fishing villages to a famed trading town and shipbuilding center of Blackwater Bay. Due to the limited island size, Hull won't be a big town, but it will definitely have a strong port to fit the descriptions. The houses will be low to middle class, mostly centered around the main street and market square. Above the harbor, there will be a small palatial manse called the Mouse House (check the canon).

Inspiration - Polperro, Rye, Sandwich and Corfe Castle village in the UK

The hamlets on the island will be a mix of whitewashed and stone low-class houses with thatch roofs.

Inspiration - Cornwall and Isle of Man

Link with the tests -

I want to thank everyone who gave me advice and shared their opinions in the past few days.

Thank you!

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After > (287-130=) 157 years, I doubt that there is anything left of the castle bar earthworks and some solid rock foundations. The roof would certainly be all gone given that the castle was torched and is on such an exposed position. Wind, weather and sea likely have chiselled it down to bedrock. Same with the town I’d imagine.
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If the castle of Driftmark is created from Dragonstone (the material) then likely not.

Though I'm unsure if the Velaryons fled Valyria with dragons the same way the Targs did.


Cersei's Left Bob
Driftmark was built way before Dragonstone and the fall of Valyria. However, I think Tham is talking about High Tide.
I'm unsure where you got the year 287 from... our timeline is set in the late years of the 290's. Anyway, that's nearly 170 years to fix structural damage. Hull is still a trading hub and their fleet wasn't fully destroyed. There were legendary Velaryons after the Battle of the Gullet, such as the Oakenfist, who could've rebuilt the castle, although not restore it to its former glory, as its previous greatness was much based on the exotic riches the Sea Snake brought with him from the east, that burned in the fire. It was also explicitly stated Spicetown was never rebuilt, but it only says High Tide was put to torch.


I looked it up on some ASOIAF timeline saying that 287 was the start of the “game of thrones” present. The three years don’t really make a difference tho imo. According to the “present” canon, driftmark castle is the main seat right? Is there any mention of High Tide being used/ existing in the present? If it were, and if it were as splendid as it was, I’d wager it must be mentioned. If not, to me it would be more plausible that it is now but a ruin and its former splendour more of a legend.

Think of it like this: If today there is a shitty damp place and a refurbished awesome fancy place why would the damp place be the prime seat?

I gotta admit I don’t know the canon intimately i. e. Are “today” still two houses occupying driftmark?
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I'm happy with your plans, and we've spoken about the tests to a degree I'm happy with. I'm approving your application but on the understanding that you can expand a bit on the terra / flora plans for the island. I love the reference and think that low-lying islands have really interesting natural landscaping, giving a lot if potential. Can you post those plans here as you have them developed please!

Also love the Sandwich inspired barbican <3


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Here’s some pictures that I took in Cornwall btw! (in slightly jumbled order, more nature pics towards the end)