1.12.2 Bug Report Thread


The Old Bear
Anyone else struggling with WE compared to pre-update?

I'm having issues including but not limited to schemsets (some are broken now, don't work at range) and those that will place upon right click place 2 schems at once.

Also finding the \[45d][90d] gmask which would usually help terraforming hillsides doesn't work properly.

//undo seems to randomly trigger a chat lockout which actually upon relog rolls you and any building you've done since the lockout back.
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Nettles has different textures when viewed at different angles. This bug appears to only occur on certain blocks. Blue wool for angle ref.
2020-08-07_15.08.32.png 2020-08-07_15.08.43.png


Staff member
I don't know if this has been reported but the Winterfell Carving block CTM seems to be broken. Don't know if this has anything to do with the move to 1.12 but yeah thought I'd mention it.



I don't know if it's a texture thing or a 1.12 thing, but I'll drop it here.

There appears to be some glitching that occurs with, at least, the TerrainSet walls. If you move/jump around, they appear to shimmer/wave. This is most noticeable on large sections of connected wall blocks and with certain colorings (for me its the Westerlands and Eastern Islands).

I can't really show it too well in a picture, so just try it out yourself by making a wall (say 2x2) of TerrainSet Westerlands Walls and move/jump around.