1.12.2 Bug Report Thread


The Old Bear
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Anyone else struggling with WE compared to pre-update?

I'm having issues including but not limited to schemsets (some are broken now, don't work at range) and those that will place upon right click place 2 schems at once.

Also finding the \[45d][90d] gmask which would usually help terraforming hillsides doesn't work properly.

//undo seems to randomly trigger a chat lockout which actually upon relog rolls you and any building you've done since the lockout back.
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I don't know if it's a texture thing or a 1.12 thing, but I'll drop it here.

There appears to be some glitching that occurs with, at least, the TerrainSet walls. If you move/jump around, they appear to shimmer/wave. This is most noticeable on large sections of connected wall blocks and with certain colorings (for me its the Westerlands and Eastern Islands).

I can't really show it too well in a picture, so just try it out yourself by making a wall (say 2x2) of TerrainSet Westerlands Walls and move/jump around.