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    Abandoned Smithyton application

    Heyo sorry yeah I would love to complete smithyton but I dont really go on the server enough anymore to handle a project :(
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    Christmas stuff!

    I dont think anyones up for pictionary today so I will say maybe we could try 22nd december? (saturday) at ike 9pm GMT? quick thing of the rules tho: -2 teams -take turns alternating teams, the persons who go it is uses and has to...
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    Christmas stuff!

    Reminder we will be playing pictionary at 7! Also there has been some deleting of some of the contest plots by accident, dont know how or why but if anyones has been affected I will give compensation (a kiss on the cheek)
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    In Progress House Serrett of Silverhill

    is it weird to masterbate to a castle
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    Christmas stuff!

    woow cute thanks!!!
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    Christmas stuff!

    Hey guys an area with various christmas activities has been made (/warp christmas2018) and there is a contest area there which we can have a christmas themed contest, however there wont be a prize, only a kiss on the cheek from me... There is also a pictionary game, we could all get on discord...
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    Completed Project Application: Wull

    lool, but cool! cheers!
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    Completed Project Application: Wull

    May I ask for the keep insp? I have seen beehive houses but never keeps I imagine theyre cool!
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    Christmas Event 2017

    when shall the pictionary be rearanged for?
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    Jose99's Builder Application

    well well well.... look who that cat dragged back in
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    Completed House Banefort by Ammika and GeneralMcNuggets

    Westeroscraft should be a priority from school. If you are not willing to make any sacrifices for the server you should have not taken up the project. Unnaproval in consideration.
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    Oldtown: Feedback and Suggestions

    sips tea
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    Completed House Upcliff by Booben, Ben and Jose*

    ma name jeff
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    Wolf's Farewell Party

    :'( :') <3 <3 <3