Winter 2021 Rookery Submissions OPEN!


A Knight at the Opera
How is the year almost over already?!
Anyway, we're now accepting submissions of any type for the Winter 2021 issue of the Rookery!

As usual, submissions can include:
  • Project spotlights
  • Community spotlights (for community members who have made a positive impact on the community)
  • Shader pics, renders, fan art, anything creative!
  • Building/WE/Profession tutorials
  • Real world inspiration
  • World-building guides (e.g, how jewellery was made in the 1400s)
  • Game of Thrones/ASOIAF/server-related jokes
  • Free-form writing (long or short-form articles about anything related to the server)
If you have an idea for something, talk to a mod and we can help you get it finished!

The goal is to release the issue by the end of the year, so try to get your submissions in as soon as possible! If you have an idea but think it might take a bit of time for you to finish it, just let us know and we'll leave a space for it!

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Lord Paramount of The Riverlands
I personally really liked the server probation family tree would be cool to see it drawn out, or some spotlights from each generation of builders and how we've evolved as a community.

EDIT: This might be hard to quantify but it would be cool to get a size of the number of builders we've had overall. We've always had a pretty big and diverse community but I've never been able to say how many exactly.
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