Winter 2020 Holiday Contests!!!


Hopefully you’re getting snug under a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate (or beating the heat with a chilled beverage down south) because we have some exciting news. Not only are we announcing a contest just in time for the holiday season, but we are announcing THREE CONTESTS!

Along with holding a traditional building contest, we are bringing back the Westeros Captured screenshot contest and introducing a brand new fan art contest (unless you were around for the one we held way back in 2015)!!!

The theme for all three contests is “cozy comforts,” which the mods have decided is free for you to interpret however you want! From relaxing by a fire to picking flowers in a meadow to brewing potions in a little woodsy cottage, you can take this theme absolutely anywhere.

cozycomforts copy.png

Here are some basic rules:
All three contests will start Wednesday, 11th of November, at 12am EST (5:00 GMT), and they will end on the 26th of December at 11:59pm EST (27th of December, 4:59 GMT) with the winners revealed in the Winter 2020 issue of the Rookery!

The building contest location is at /warp holiday2020.

Multiple submissions are allowed, as well as co-ops. However, you can only receive a prize for one submission per contest. Everyone, from guests to builders to mods, are welcome to participate in all three contests. If you need to be set up with building permissions to take part in the building contest, reach out to a mod for help.

All media are accepted for the fan art contest with the stipulation that the majority of the work must be your own. This means no stealing memes from the interwebs.

Photoshop or other image-editing software enhancement (along the lines of saturation/color changes, depth of field blurs, custom backgrounds/skyboxes, etc.) are allowed in the screenshot contest. If you have a great shot lined up but have shoddy hardware and can’t use shaders, you are allowed to ask others for help.

Contest Prizes:
The top three entries in each contest will win a lovely colored title in-game.

And each first place winner of every contest will win up to $40 USD of WesterosCraft merch of their choice and a fancy trophy on the forums!


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Hey Tham!

the building contest will be judged based on the buildings that stand, and how they look with the WesterosCraft RP. If you want to build with different textures, that's up to you. Just keep in that in mind.

For the screenshots, i would say you should use our Resource Pack. It wouldn't be fair to get an advantage by altering the textures themselves.
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