WesterosCraft 1.12.2 Released!


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WesterosCraft has now officially upgraded to Minecraft version 1.12.2. With this upgrade comes several changes and additions to the server.

Please report any bugs or feedback here: https://forum.westeroscraft.com/threads/1-12-2-bug-report-thread.2283/#post-15310

New plugins

Ultimate Chat
- lets us have separate chat channels including 'Global', the default one. There's also a Local channel that only broadcasts chat to within 30 block radius. Join other channels by typing /ch global or /ch local. See all available with /ch list. There's also a channel for staff. Other channels will be added based on builder requests and feedback.

MagiBridge - Lets us link our chat to the 'server-chat' channel in our Discord. Its a two way street - what you type in the Global channel in game is reflected in the serverchat and vice versa. This replaces the old craft-irc plugin and also the Dynmap chat

Xaero's Minimap - New minimap plugin; JourneyMap wasn't working for us on 1.12. These are client mods - if you wish to remove Xaeros and throw on Journeymap, you can switch those out in your mods folder. Maybe it will work for you.

New Features

- Long requested by people wishing to explore Westeros, we have a new core feature - horses! Type /wchorse to summon a random horse, or /wchorse <type> <color> to specify the horse you want. You can only summon one horse at a time, and it despawns when you do (like when you log off).

Wolves - Similar to the horse feature, you can summon a wolf to follow you around if you wish with /wcwolf.

Keep an eye out for upcoming extensions to these features - including the ability to save your animals, name them, and even watch them grow into full blown Direwolves :) Special shoutout to red for his work on the wolves and upcoming unannounced features.

Region Titles - mikeprimm has included a new feature into Dynmap for us - region titles! We can create a region using existing functionality, and display a message on the screen upon entrance and exit. We don't have this 'in production' quite yet, but you will know it when you see it :)

Things to note
- You may have to re-enable the world edit GUI plugin
DISCORD! Lots of discussion happens here. Get to know your fellow builders and hang out!

I think that covers most everything. Again - please post bugs or constructive feedback in the linked thread above.

Special shoutout to mikeprimm for all the work hes put into the server upgrade/move as well as new Dynmap features. Again thanks to red and CashBanks for new features and upcoming textures. And of course thanks to everyone else that contributes to the server. Lots of exciting things ahead for WesterosCraft - I will announce them when they happen!

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