Unseen Westeros - Art Exhibit Berlin January 2019

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  1. There is an upcoming art exhibit with significant importance to us in terms of inspiration and lore content (or semi-canon lore). Of areas of Planetos that have yet not been seen in either the book series or television series.

    Of note we have the following locations confirmed to be depicted that are located in Westeros.
    • Torrhen's Square
    • Widow's Watch
    • Greywater Watch
    • Strongsong
    • Seaguard
    • Harrenhal
    • Old Wyk
    • Lonely Night
    • Shield Islands
    • Golden Tooth
    • Tarth
    • Storm's End
    • Oldtown's Temple to the Lord of Light
    • Plankytown
    • The Stepstones (pre-Hammer of waters)
    I also managed to snag a few snippets of locations confirmed to be within Westeros or appear to look like theyre in Westeros. Some are explicitly labelled, while others can be deduced from clues within the picture, and others are open to interpretation of their exact location.

    Arm of Dorne pre-Hammer of Waters

    Widow's Watch

    Golden Tooth

    Harrenhal 1

    Harrenhal 2


    Personally I think this is a handy new source of inspiration for some of the areas of Westeros that have little to no canon. And bear in mind that there will be more than one picture per location (so far I've seen 2 pictures of the Bleeding Sea from the exhibit).
  2. Lol, that Strongsong is... not at all what I had envisioned.
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  3. Love that Harrenhal, hopefully they release them all as a book or we get someone to the exhibit in Berlin
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    We'll make Iwan, Wolf and Tham all go.
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    If I find enough time in january for a trip to Berlin I'll go.
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  6. oh shit let‘s go together
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    of shit fuck off
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  8. pls no bullying :mad:
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    If you want the book, I think you need to contribute to the project. As far as I know the book will never be available in book stores.

    Quote: "You will NEVER find "UNSEEN WESTEROS" in book shops on high street. We are NOT going to sell it through Amazon or other online platforms. This Kickstarter campaign is the only opportunity to secure this limited book. These will only go to you, our backers."
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    The art for Grey Water Watch reminds me of former Galindia and the lakes in Mazury/Masuria. Also the building designs look kind of familiar.