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Theres a small Lord of Light shrine at the docks.
Ahhh okay, I saw it on the pictures but I assumed it was a small sept because of the faith banner. EDIT: Nvm, I see where's the real one, makes much more sense. Love how lowkey it is, really gives off the vibe of a allowed religon but with restrictions and mainly for outsiders. Very cool. I withdraw my words.
Also theres a Red Temple at Oldtown as well
Yeah that's what I meant by saying "only region in Westeros outside the main cities". I copied the phrase structure from Spanish and it may sound a bit weird.
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Tor Septry Mini-Project

Here's an opportunity for a fairly large mini-project to apply for (please indicate interest and let me know when you got tests ready)

Location: /warp TorSeptry

This is a large Septry in the same fertile coastal shelf as the Tor Town nestled among fields of flax and wheat owned by the faith and dedicated to theological study and the production and writing of illuminated texts. I would like the septry to be roughly the size of the septry at /warp uffseptry.

The septry should include the following:
  • A large sept that's beautiful but humble in its ornaments
  • Smaller visitor's sept
  • Dormitories for the brown brothers with a dedicated room for the Elder Brother. Clean and orderly but humble
  • Smaller set of dorms for visitors
  • Cloister with a dry courtyard/garden
  • Side yard with room for a small vegetable garden and a chicken coop
  • Bell tower
  • Convalescence for people to receive medical care
  • Building dedicated to book binding and book writing
  • Library
  • Lecture hall to instruct brown brothers and septons in training
  • Refectory for brown brothers to take their meals
  • Kitchens
Desired look of the septry:








As usual put your best effort forward, and remember to make the style of the septry harmonious to the style of the town. The interior of the sept at /warp tortown is a good thing to look over for the interior wall pallete.


Mkay time for an update

Town is done at /warp Tortown


Castle is done at /warp torcastle


Septry done at /warp torseptry


One of the hamlets is done at /warp tormotherhouse


And there are plots open at /warp torhamlet2 (along with 2 things to test for, a sept and a slate tile/glazing facility)



Read ALL the signs at the build guide. AND I MEAN ALL OF THEM. Failure to follow the build guide will result in your building being meloned. Complete disregard of the build guide will result in the structure being completely nuked.



Torhamlet 2 is done

However as an aside, I recently discovered that someone was fucking around with Worldedit at the Tor's castle and as a result every door, banner, candle and bed was completely fucked up. I understand that some people with Worldedit access have little to no training or knowledge about how Worldedit works which has led to a few incidents recently (including server crashes), but please do not fuck around with other's people's projects as this is a form of griefing and is against our community standards.

Stick to your own plots and projects.


Recently I've been wondering. What gives the tor reason to be so Faith oriented. To me it is very representative of the reach and not Dorne, it isn't on the border of the marches anyway. I know its one of the houses of Dorne but does that mean their very pious?
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Recently I've been wondering. What gives the tor reason to be so Faith oriented. To me it is very representative of the reach and not Dorne, it isn't on the border of the marches anyway. I know its one of the houses of Dorne but does that mean their very pious?

The Faith is followed in Dorne as much as it is in The Reach and the other 6 Faith-dominated kingdoms, people mistakenly believe that the Lord of Light is the dominant religion in Dorne when it is still a fringe minority religion in Westeros.

The Jordaynes in particular are an Andal-derived house established by Andal adventurers in Dorne who established a kingdom before becoming vassals of the Yronwoods for a brief time and then becoming vassals of the Martells and one of their principle banner men. It follows that they would be followers of the Faith because of this.


And with a little short of a year The Tor is now COMPLETE


/warp torhamlet1 thank you to ContraBlonde for the motherhouse


/warp torhamlet2 Thanks to Aino for plotting and layout of the hamlet


/warp torhamlet3 nestled in between irrigation canals


/warp torhamlet4 thanks to Ammika for the plotting|


/warp torhamlet5


/warp torhamlet6


/warp tortown


/warp torcastle


/warp torseptry thanks to Xeson and Luk for creating this!


/warp torhf1 thanks to Scubooty for their holdfast!


/warp tormanse


/warp torsilentsistercomplex thanks to Jakethesnake8_8 and Azulejo for their work on the House of Silence


/warp torhf2 thanks to RavishMeRed for their holdfast!

Theres a couple other minor warps, but the project has been completed with the final work on biomes and sand layers taking up the better part of an afternoon. I will be writing up the wiki entry later this weekend.