Test World Autumn Cleaning

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By Elduwin on Sep 3, 2018 at 3:53 PM
  1. Hey all, dear westeroscrafters,

    As you may have noticed, our precious test world is crowded and now a complete mess. Many areas are used to test for everything, sometimes with the permission of mods, sometimes not; there's a new habit to test for whole castles while we only ask for gradient/wall test; as our level of detailing and building and our inventory expand, we're creating more and more magnificent stuff; and the result is that we don't have any more space for anything.
    As all plots are currently occupied, we need to create new ones. We could just move stuff nearby, and add a new row, and wait for them to be occupied, and start over, and over, but without resolving our main problem: we need larger plots!! :D

    All this is to say that to get to this long-waited progression, we'll need the cooperation of everybody.
    First, from now on to the moment everybody gets their larger plots, no permission will be granted to test outside of plots and playground (with the specificities of testing in playground).
    Second, every test and creation in testworld, outside of plots (meaning, everywhere except plots: playground, testing areas, misc, etc.), will have to be tagged before Sunday 16th of September. From this date, they may be removed without any other warning. You may argue that the given period is short, but what is asking here as always been asked, and this is no news that you have to tag your builds.
    Third, to simplify our work to make this transition faster and easier for everybody, we kindly request you to move ASAP every test and creation that is currently outside of your plot, playground or any allowed testing area (for example, OT and HG testing areas).

    We will work as fast as possible to give you all new shiny large plots (i.e. 200x200), but the more you help us, the faster we can do it! :D

    After this transition is made, no permission shall be granted to test outside of plots and playground.
    Please, excuse us for the inconvenience cause during the change.
    Your devoted mod team
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Discussion in 'News' started by Elduwin, Sep 3, 2018.

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      Good stuff
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    2. Elduwin
      Dear all,

      As discussions continued in the staff team, we've come to a greater idea to resolve our problems of lack of place.
      WC is soon going to have a new, freshly made, organic vegan gluten free, shiny green test world!!

      With a planned size of 6000x6000, this will allow us for a complete reorganization of our test worlds:
      - current "Test": this world will become our storage and reference world, it'll contain: "Orphanage", "Old builds", "Terratest", "Guides", tree schems, boats, different contests plots, etc;
      - current "oldworld/Overworld": this world will become, as planned and announced once by the mod team, a huge terra testing sandbox. Every builders will be granted WE/Voxel perms there, so that they can test, learn and train themselves there. The tutorials and guides for WE/Voxel will also be there, along with the diorama plots required to become Editor;
      - future new test world (name to be determined): finally, this whole new world will welcome our new 200x200 personal plots, and all testing areas like Playground, Misc, PvP, and all the regional/city/server build testing areas (like OT and HG testing areas).

      Rules shall remain the same, so keep tagging everything you build outside of your plots!
      And, if you have stuff stored in "oldworld/Overworld", please try to move/remove it to help us.

      We hope this great news will please everybody, and that you'll be patient for we don't have a release date yet, but soon, we promise!
      Mod team
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