Summer contest 2018 - Science and Magic, starting June 15th!

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By Wazgamer on Jun 13, 2018 at 10:29 AM
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    This Friday, the 2018 Summer contest will begin! We know It's short notice, but we hope this doesn't cause to many problems, and means you'll get plenty of time to work on your builds!

    We've chosen the theme "Science and Magic" as we believe this is an untapped area of build that should be encouraged more.

    On behalf of Pizza and all of us on the mod team, thank you, nameste, and good luck!

    EDIT (09/14/18):

    Hello fellow Westerosi!
    25 players took part in this years Summer Contest: Science and Magic. This very experimental topic lead to great, creative contributions. Now the judges of the contest have spoken and, admittedly a bit late, here are the results:

    At 1. Place, wining a $20 Amazon gift card: @Thamus_Knoward !
    We have a shared 2. Place with @Ammika and @endymion21 both winning a $15 Amazon gift card!

    All votes can be seen here.

    Please contact @geeberry to receive your prize.

    Thanks to everyone who participated!


Discussion in 'News' started by Wazgamer, Jun 13, 2018.