Shader Screenshots


I'm back in the business of Screenshots.
Here's an idea I was given.
Old vs New for the same build, to see the similarities, and differences.

Rustic Kayce

Current Kayce



Here are pics of Banefort

Contra's quick guide to shader pics.
Number one. Your framerate will probably tank. The more you leave loaded, the worse it's going to get. I wouldn't generally recommend playing the game like this, especially in built up areas.

I'm going to use Banefort for examples here. Beautiful place.

Amazing. Seus v11, weather clear and 2pm. I tend personally not to like any time of the day in static images of Seus shaders. They just don't pop. Though, no water is as amazing at Seus water. Look at that.

Here's basically the same image in Chocapic13 v6.

Then you set the time of day to 1800 evening.

I think the colours in Chocapic are amazing at morning and night. Thus I usually try to set times in those areas to get amazing contrast shots, with amazing colours. It does mean I tend to miss out on some green, but I think that trade off is worth it.

Side note, with fake loaded chunks, sometimes minecraft gets weird. Here is a shot with me moved slightly for the above. Note how the castle is just gone.

I'm open to taking screenshots if places for people.
I have a short list of things people want already. I'm happy to take requests.
And if you have a preference for specific times of the day, or locations, tell me. If I don't respond in game, it's probably cause I have chat turned off cause i'm doing screenshots. Sorry in advance.

You can message me on disc, or here instead if I miss you.


I'm planning to start a new weekly hashtag on social media called #TerraTuesday (if people can think of a better name, let me know!) and showcasing some of our newer nature and terraforming work on Tuesdays. I'd love a selection of nature focused pics from White Harbor, Fairmarket, Redfort, Wickenden, Banefort, Wyl, and other newer projects to show off some of the amazing work we're doing!


Ok. That sounds good. I can't get it done today as I'm out tonight. I can do it tomorrow evening. And discuss it in more detail then if you have specific wants and needs.


Those look great! I’ll go into more detail about the ones that are the closest to what I’m looking for when I’m back at my computer, but in general I’m looking for images that really foreground natural elements like streams, rock formations, beaches, mountainsides, bogs, etc., and generally stay away from larger manmade structures.
I really like the pics you took that are off the ground enough that you can see more of the layers in the foliage and size of things but close enough to the ground to have the feeling of a person walking around and taking pictures of beautiful scenery they come across.

Edit: I also have a spot by White Harbor I’d love pictures of that I’ll show you if we meet up in game (or I’ll send you coordinates).
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Hi, all!

I need a lot more shaders for social media stuff! I'd like some pictures of pretty terrain for Terra Tuesdays, as well as stuff from newer projects like Middlebury, Rousemont, Rhysling, Duskendale, Bandallon, High Tide?, Pyle, the new Wyl stuff, Ambrose, Woodwright, etc.

Also, if you'd like to be added to the Social Media and Shaders chat or get access to the Google Drive, let me know!