Season 8 Promotions *Show Spoilers*

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  1. Hey team,
    As the hype train for Season 8 starts to build steam we thought it would be a great idea to jump on the bandwagon and start featuring the server in some social media posts (instagram, reddit, twitter etc).

    What we need:
    1. Pics!
    2. More Pics!

    Doesn't matter if they're shadered or photoshoped (within reason), just find something fun and interesting that shows off the server and potentially relevant to the climax of the show. Think winter, white walkers, the Wall, Winterfell, weirwoods (lot of Ws), characters, SNOW.

    To help, I've made a start on a winter-fied Winterfell in the test world at /warp winterwinterfell
    Feel free to use it for photo shoots and to add more icicles and snow.

    Here's some pics I've thrown together, I'm sure others will have some better ideas though.
  2. Variations of the first pic with different locations (RK, Storm's End...) would be amazing, with or without the army of the dead. Maybe just make it less bright, should feel creepier and scarier.
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  3. Less bright and you run the risk of not being able to see anything - the current ones look about perfect to me
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  4. That first picture is fucking sick, goddamn
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  5. qBBQ

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    Pictures looks great Cash! I'll try to make some snow pictures as well later today.

    Are we reviving our subreddit? No one has posted there in more than half a year.
  6. Thanks qBBQ, i’m not sure about our subreddit, couldn’t hurt I guess but crossposting to /freefolk /gameofthrones /Minecraft at least
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    r/gameofthrones are fookin' kneelers
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    Also, I'd like to crowdsource for social media post ideas! Are there any particular things you'd like to see more of in terms of posts on Twitter or Facebook?

    Some of the ideas I've had so far are:
    • Posts like those on Instagram - i.e., shader pic and house description/book quote
    • Tie ins to the show - e.g., locations from recent episodes, livetweeting, retweets of show actors
    • General Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire content - e.g., retweets of fan art, posters, book news, etc.
    • Posts that highlight our worldbuilding - e.g., Medieval occupations on our server and IRL inspiration
    Some of these ideas are better than others, but I'm really trying to revitalize our social media presence. Please comment with any suggestions or criticisms you have!

    I also will likely need someone with shaders to take pics for me because my computer can't handle them!
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    A 'For the Throne' video if its not too late?
  10. Encouraging visitors to find the hidden thrones and get rewards :')
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  11. Locations from this week's ep
    Last Hearth
    Deepwood Motte
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  12. Maybe some spiral patterns with skulls, bones and blood in creepy places could be interesting.

    (love all the shots here too!!)
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    lol great timing with the large religious building burning down. Positively prescient!
  14. Yeah I feel terrible now haha
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