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Hi Sapp,

Very nice work, much better this time. This is the level of improvement I want to see :) If you keep improving consistently like this for a couple more town houses, I'd say we're nearing the end.

One thing I want you to pay particular attention to in your next few houses: the yard. There's still a number of issues here, which I'll address in the feedback below:

- In your timber frame patterns, try to avoid having horizontal rows of the "empty" frame, like this. It usually doesn't look good, and isn't structurally sound. Note that you can instead use that block and the vertical block side-by-side to get a more grid-like pattern, like this.

- Try not to have timber frame blocks with the bottom exposed, like in this picture. Try to replace the blocks above the clothelines with wood if you can without it showing up on the outside; otherwise make sure they're covered up on the bottom with wood stairs or something.

- Wheat should never be used in house yards. Because you need a lot of wheat to mill it into grain, it would never be grown on an individual scale, but rather in large fields. House yards should consist of vegetables (carrots, turnips, cabbages, pease, etc.) and/or herbs. You can find some examples of these at /warp crops on the server.

- Apart from the above, the yard also still needs details other than the crops themselves. You should have dirt paths where the people walk between the fields, tall grass and an occasional leaf block in the corners where people don't walk as much, wheelbarrows, baskets for harvesting vegetables, shovels, etc. Please don't forget these details.

For the next challenge, please make a middle-class town house in the style of /warp Duskendale, again with a medium-sized yard (taking into account the feedback I gave above!). Make sure to really spend your time studying the style again and picking up the small details, these are the houses which really count. Good luck!
House- This is a house on the river in Duskendale, there are three stories, first story is on the river, its where the man sells and keeps his fish he catches and the nets his wife makes, on the second level there is the door to road and a dinner table and a bedroom, on the next floor there is a net making area and a kitchen, lastly there are bunk beds and a chill zone. There is a garden outside for a side hustle the man also sells.

Lore- The man Alex lives here he is a fisherman with his wife katie and four sons.

Sign- this was a tough build, I hope i did good, and hope this is my second to last challenge.


Hi Sapp,

Great work, this is probably your best house so far! :) With a few tweaks, I think it could be an acceptable house in Duskendale. If you can keep up the improving quality for two (tentatively) more complex town styles, I think I'd be ready to promote you to builder. Even so, please make sure to read my feedback here carefully.

- The timber frame pattern isn't bad by any means, but is a little messy in the center with all the criss-cross textures concentrated there. Part of this is due to the fact that the house is even-width, which is more difficult. Still, I'd recommend looking at what houses in Duskendale do to solve this issue.

- In the yard, you can add a tiny bit of variation in the vegetable patches, e.g. using "lady fern" with a mud or dirt block underneath in a couple places in the carrot patch. It just helps make it look a little less monotonous, and it's realistic to have weeds or variation in growth anyways.

- This one's an important point, so please let me know if you're not getting it and want me to give an example in-game: overall, try to be a bit mindful of proportions when doing interiors. What I mean by this is, if you have a room which is small, the roof should be lower, since it looks strange if you have a small room with a really high roof. On the flipside, if you have a room which is wide, the roof should be a slight bit taller - (4 blocks, or 3.5 if you include rafters, is usually plenty for ordinary houses). There is one nice alternative to this, though, which is adding a vertical support beam (wood wall or fence block, never full blocks) somewhere (and usually incorporating it into the rafters structure somehow). This helps partition the horizontal space a bit better, making the proportions seem a bit more natural. A few of your rooms seem disproportionately wide right now given the roof height, such as this one or this one. I think they'd benefit from either making the ceiling slightly higher, or experimenting with support beams. Even just adding some upside-down slab rafters running horizontally might help a bit, as realistically it gives the wide ceiling more support, and aesthetically it gives it a bit more texture.

- I'm not super fond of having multiple table blocks next to each other to make a larger table (like the ones here or here). It's not necessarily bad, but I'd experiment with nicer looking designs such as the custom "piston extension" block, or hoppers + upside-down slabs, or fence/half door with oak wood carpets above. You might be able to find some of these at /warp furnish, otherwise just keep an eye out for them when exploring interiors.

- It looks like you're using shutters on the sides of cabinets and bench blocks here; use the "half door" block instead.

- If the attic is only accessible by a ladder, they probably wouldn't have a lot of heavy duty furniture up there. Usually I make attics fairly sparse, with just some light storage, rushes, and cobwebs here and there. If there are people living in the attic, or it's used frequently, there should probably be stairs.

- Food would not be stored in the attic, but rather in the kitchen (or a pantry connected to the kitchen) where it's more accessible. Also, there should not be books in a house like this, since the people living there would not be literate, and books were quite expensive.

For the next challenge, let's try a Dornish style for a break - please make a middle-class house in the style of /warp wyltown. Make sure to study it carefully, and incorporate all my above feedback. Good luck!
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House- This is a house in the style of Wyltown, it has two bed areas, a seller for grain, places for food and a table, and a birch roof, pretty simple.

Lore- Doran lives here with his wife and his one his other son moved out, He work in the town wyltown and sells his crops and serivices they are a middle class of Wyltown.
Sign- Hopefully I'm getting close I'm so excited for the builder position, hopefully next is my last challenge, have a great day.


Hey sapp, sorry for the delay. I was pretty swamped this week.

This house seems pretty good in general! Not a lot of specific stuff I have to say, but I do have a bit of feedback:

- On the yard, I'm going to reiterate something I mentioned before: you shouldn't have the fence surrounding the entire house. It's not space efficient, and currently you don't have anything in one of the sides anyways. You should just keep the yard on the side with the vegetables.

- You're using the chain harness block here above the leg of ham, which doesn't line up. Make sure you use the proper chain/rope block.

- I would tone down the fruit basket blocks a little bit, they would probably just have 1 or 2.

- For the table, like I mentioned before, I think it would be better to use the custom piston extension block.

- Overall, I feel like the interior organization could be a bit better; it feels like the space is not being utilized as much as it could be. I don't have any concrete suggestions though; personally I would probably try playing with the rafters, or add a dividing wall (wattle fence), like you can see in some other houses around Wyltown.

For a tentative final challenge, I'm going to give you a middle-class house at /warp Fairmarket. The style here is a bit more complex than the other challenges I gave. I know you're probably excited to move up, but please make sure you take a lot of time studying the style carefully and getting this build perfect. Also, I recommend going through all of my previous feedback in previous houses and making sure it's addressed in your final build. Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck!

House- This is a RowHouse In FairMarket, it has a mostly brick structure with daub and wattle on the front and back, Three Bedrooms, A kitchen, and work area, It is the the town of Fairmarket

Lore- Sapper this in the house with his wife Sap and their kids Sappert, Sappertsc, and jim, he works in Fairmarket.

sign- Thank you so much for everything Emote, and all the builders who helped me, I really am grateful for everything and can't wait to be a builder!!!!!!!!