Project Application: House Vikary by Ric_games & Thevikingcorgi


Okay, so I have a bit of feedback after noticing your hamlet and road plotting.

Your roads are very linear. While this isnt necessarily a bad thing, makes the lands seem smaller. If you wind the road, make it twist and form switchbacks as it goes up the hill, it will feel longer and the terrain steeper.

I also suggest looking at how Seri and Amm have plotted settlements at Starpike and Banefort. This should be more obvious in starpike as it is still plots. The settlements have easily defendable entrances and not too many of them, then opening onto defendable squares where one can attack an intruder from multiple angles. The walls of buildings meet each other to form a wall.

I suggest you do this with your hamlet outside the walls of the castle. And remember, houses don't always have to have yards. There can be common areas


Hey, I few updates on Vikary:

-The Keep is fully done now, both in the exteriors and in the interiors!
-There's a new planned river that we decided on, together with Endy (who helped us a lot on it!). Here it is:
- We have also plotted the hamlet near the keep, that can be reached through /warp Vikary. As asked, the hamlet will not be open to building before mod approval. Here it is:
1738 (red being houses and a sept and yellow yards)


Also, I would like to make a request regarding this house and the walled field:
This house belongs to the area of the Crag, but we would like very much to use some of it's space in a settlement and, also, the river that cut's through the valley could end up on that area. We would just make the field smaller to a little less than it's half.

Banty said that he's okay with that, so here I ask if it's okay by the mods for it to be done.


Hey, so a few updates on what is happening at Vikary:

First of all, I gotta thanks Aek and Endy for helping with the terra, Endy for helping with the rivers and Aek for helping with the mountains. So, the mountains around Vikary are better and the rivers are being worked on.

Alex and Zsomi are working on the Hunter Lodge. They are doing a great job imo!

The hamlet from my previous post still has two open plots.

Finally, I decided to start updating the shore. On that regard, I got to thank Emot for teaching me how to better do this. So I would like to ask if I have permission to update the shore of The Crag (adding the grassy sand block) and the shore of Castamere, updating it to be like the ones to the north and to the south of it. To be clear, I would update the shore from the Vikary area until The Crag castle, to the north, and until the Drox coast to the south, following this line basically:

Here's an exemple of how I'm using the grassy sand:


have a look at some of Carci's beaches and particularly his beach near Necktest as they are good examples of how to shape them to be much more visually interesting. I also suggest that you do some sheep pastures similar to what was present at the stream exit point along the coast to give it a bit more flavour