Project Application: House Vikary by Ric_games & Thevikingcorgi


Okay, so I have a bit of feedback after noticing your hamlet and road plotting.

Your roads are very linear. While this isnt necessarily a bad thing, makes the lands seem smaller. If you wind the road, make it twist and form switchbacks as it goes up the hill, it will feel longer and the terrain steeper.

I also suggest looking at how Seri and Amm have plotted settlements at Starpike and Banefort. This should be more obvious in starpike as it is still plots. The settlements have easily defendable entrances and not too many of them, then opening onto defendable squares where one can attack an intruder from multiple angles. The walls of buildings meet each other to form a wall.

I suggest you do this with your hamlet outside the walls of the castle. And remember, houses don't always have to have yards. There can be common areas