Abandoned Project Application: House Stackhouse by chep4007


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Greetings from Chep!

So it has been a while since last update about Stackhouse project. I know some builders has their projects done in 3 months and Me - its like half a year and still nearly nothing ... well since i am having my finals i really dont have much time... so sorry, I ll try my best... BUT! here I would like to summarize main points that happened during the past time... :)

Castle and surrounding area: (/warp sth)
I tryied to concentrate on castle as a primary point. And I can say that keep is nearly finished - just minor details missing. Near village is also done as fields... I predominantly consider this area as basicaly done...

Main Town and Scattered houses to the south: (/warp sthvillage)
Main Town is basicaly done too.. I had some upgrades of yards (cause i plotted them badly) and I am considerring adding some more Low Class houses. About Ruined Keep - Me and JackPlaysX worked on it for some time and we want to show it to some mod. Curently I am waiting for the marshes to be done so i can start planning the spot for it. Scattered houses are done also with better yards. Also in marshes there gonna be one small fisher village, which I cannot really plot now. Waiting ...
Forest and fields to the east:
Forest is taking hughe progress. I got some style into my hand and its going really good. I would also appreciate some mod to take a look at it. What makes me little unsure are the fields. I like to experiment with things and I just dont know if I am making them properly.

Quarry and Forestry village: (/warp sthham2)
First the foresters - its done. What i need is just approval and we are good...
But the problem is quarry specifically porkchompSMIN who has dissapeared and nobody is working on it... I am not sure if he is gonna go back or if i should open it for someone else...?
Other builds are currently innactive... I would like to again open Hamlets and Holdfasts for Application. Anyone interested in building please contact me and we will discuss our plans or directly post app here...

Thank you for your ideas, responses and tips and I hope Stackhouse will be done soon!

Chep <3


Hey Chep!! So glad to see some updates on this project :D
I've been quite inactive these past few weeks, but should progressively come back as a fully active mod!
Then I'd gladly help you, on terraform, plotting, editing, anything :)

Keep doing like this, and you'll see the end of it much faster than me with Uffering haha :p
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We went through details and @jmc will continue current planning and finish the quarry. Thank you very much

Approved from me ;)


Coop miniapp for the hf
by endymion and majic

hey chep here the app and info for that mini holdfast in Stackhouse.(it's is the one situated along that road in the east of Stackhouse)

because its a hf on a road i remember jack doing a nice hf in concklyn which was also on a road

here are the screenshots for the holdfast, hope its okey chep, you can give feedback here or in game and also anyone else if they have any ideas to make it better can say please. :) thank you



the land where it sits






Thank you guys :) this is just awesome...
If there will be any concerns I will discuss it with you in game... I am not sure about the wooden cymburies but that's something we can talk about, also with some other very minor details, leave it as it is now :) We will post here all the details and output. As I can see, you have not plotted any hamlet houses around, dont worry, that is something I was going to do myself so we can have some fun plotting :) I would also like to see some comment from any Mod (Andy or Iwan) for their tips ... But from me, you are guys approved :)
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Hello Eldu and others :)

Since my last update nothing has really changed. I guess Jmc has finished quarry, Majic and Endy has finished planning Holdfast ...
My time-eating activity is definitely university. I have lack of time even on sleeping and that means on WC too.
Fortunatelly! I got used to new school system and i might have more time now.

I don't want to abandon Stackhouse. But I want to maybe do some redos, cause I have spotted some mistakes i had done mostly in field laying and I would like to discuss those ingame with Mod. Make it better, more to WesterosCraft standards and idea of GOT world.

So now for the points I would like to point out:
  • I want to apologize to everyone waiting for me, my approval, my comments and so on.
  • I will try my best to continue work
  • Stackhouse will not be abandoned
  • Sthham3 (Majic+Endy) I had a discussion with endy and I love the project, one concern is the unprotected side of holdfast facing borders - that means no protection and protection is needed there. Beside that its perfect.
  • I will make Stackhouse great again! (no quotation really)
  • And as Freddie would say ... THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

- Chep


Greetings travelers and builders :)

After some time I've found a minute to have a little solo revision of Stackhouse. Beside news and updates i have few questions... So lets start!

1) Stackhouse borders

As it turned out, stackhouse borders are much wider than I thought they were :D here is map

In color purple, I've marked the new area attached to Stackhouse (Whis is probaly still wider than I've marked, because Westbrook is just surrounding river). With great region comes great responsibilities and that should be another defensive possition. Not just the protection of borders, but also protection and shelter for traders on Ocean Road. According to that I suggest marking new Holdfast (marked light blue arrow) laying on Ocean Road. My plan is:
  • Small military holdfast, Seat of knight guarding Ocean Road
  • 3-5 surrounding houses (mostly farmers and fishers)
I accept any Ideas and suggestons :)
If anyone thinks that HF is too much, I suggest at least small Fishery/farming hamlet.

2) Fields redo

I don't exactly know if this would be nesscessary but... Do those fields need to be Redone?

I remember someone saying that they are too bubly and unlogical (with which I probably agree) and those plants on them are not nesscessary, crops would be better... I need some advice about that. Probably discussion ingame?
For upcomming fields (northeast) I will do my best not to repeat this process and mistakes.

3) Progress so far


  • (Mostly Western region is for me considered done)
  • Village under keep
  • Keep (exteriers only)
  • Main village (houses)
  • Forestry hamlet
  • HF+Quarry+Hamlet
  • Keep (Interiors)
  • Forest
  • Fields (progressing west to East)
  • Northeast Holdfast + Hamlet (Some houses still WIP)
  • Farming Hamlet
  • Smugglers camp
  • Fishing Village (in marshes)
  • Ruin (test is done)
  • Probably Holdfast on ocean Road


Donkey Lord
At least 1 probbie built between the winery and the village and I as probation leader approved them because I was not sure of the status of the build.


Hello Eldu

I just sent you message, I want to finish Stackhouse for once. Please lets meet and arrange further steps. Thank you