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I honestly haven't done this in a loooong time. Lets see if I can still cobble an app together:

House Rousemont upon Mander
an unsolicited application by Thamus_Knoward

I would like to introduce you to House Rousemont, a non-canon vassal to house Caswell of Bitterbridge. The Rousemonts are a fairly novel house raised to nobility by Lord Joffrey Caswell.

On the way back to Bitterbridge from the Whitewalls Tourney, Joffrey's small party of three was stopped by a group of bandits, which saw in them an easy prey. In the skirmish that ensued, Joffrey, exhausted from the tourney and being a poor rider, lost control over his horse, which bolted off the road, cross-country. Joffrey clinging on to the neck of the black stallion, tried in vain to stop the animal on its breakneck path. Several minutes later, a hedgeknight called Scaled Olav had just caught himself a large carp in the loop of a clear stream. Before Olav could begin filleting his soon-to-be lunch, Joffrey atop the black panic came crashing through the undergrowth. When the horse kicked off to leap over Olav, the flopping carp on Olav's blue-and-gold wooden shield and the small campfire, Joffrey's strength gave out resulting in him flying off backwards. Olav dropped his knife immediately and managed to catch the shaking lord. After Joffrey had explained, they hurried back to the road, to find the bandits stripping armor, coin and weaponry from the bodies of Joffrey's guards. Olav charged the unsuspecting murderers, felling each man with mutilating blows from his war-axe.

For this act of valor, Joffrey promised the hedge knight to repay him if they rode back to Bitterbridge together. Olav agreed, and so when they arrived in Bitterbridge, Joffrey declared that for saving his live, defending the honour of house caswell and for making him miss out on the delicious dinner that day, he would grant Olav an unlimited supply of carp if he so desired. He was referring to an old estate, a fortified manor errected in a loop of the Mander, which had once been used for aquaculture, but had fallen in disrepair. The previous lord had died, childless, in the blackfyre rebellion.

Scaled Olav, couldn't have been happier, his meager existence as a hedge knight, was over, and his life as the Lord of House Rousemont had just begun.

Many houses all over the continent, The first House Wull and the lands of the northern clans, Lonely light, Flint's finger, the Shadow Tower, The library at Ten Towers, Winterfell, The Red Keep, about 5 years of moderation.

Burg Heimertzheim

Burg Odenhausen


Legend: The two red squares in the center represent the castle of House Rousemont. A network of causeways and dams connect it to the fishponds which have been constructed using the water and natural sediment from the Mander oxbows. The longer red lines are structures for processing the fish, keeping the fishfood, and the fishing gear, these also house breeding tanks and smaller enclosures for the protection of fish eggs/ younglings.
In the mander wetlands i.e. the northern meadows, livestock is kept. Ox and Sheep primarily. The yellow squares are fields surrounded by the area-typic bocage. I'm going to follow the Inchfield style for this. Fields can be anything, but grain is a bit more common because it is also used as fishfeed. Hamlets of small size are scattered all over. To the west and by the water, 2 arrays of windmills harness the breeze that pushes over the valley floor.

The main keep is a fairly simple 2-component 'wasserburg' i.e. water-castle, which are quite common in my area. There is a 'farmyard' style first yard for the serfs and then on a separate island the manor for the lords. Check out my tests below or on my plot:



I'll be using the Bitterbridge country style for all of the houses.

Iwan is working on the meanders. I will start when he is finished. I plan to get a good Bocage script from someone and I'll need to talk to Howy about redoing that forest in the south together. I am super short on time, and I don't want to spent it all on working on the terra. If your motivated to do it, hit me up! :)

I think thats it, thanks for reading!
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Well, this is as fletched out an app as one would desire it. I like the plans, I think it adds an interesting feature to the server that has not been seen before, water castles are of a rare sort, too. And it fills a gap in between builds that no one felt responsible for yet.

Oddly enough, this fits right into the terraforming I've been doing there already! Almost as if you could read my mind D:
I'm just a little concerned that the terraform will end up on my plate. I gladly take care of the Mander itself up and around there, but I wouldn't want to get into forest making or fields.

Anyway, I can get behind this.


Sooo that's two approvals then?

If so, @Kulmen could you get in touch with me about that Mander magic you did a bit unstream? Did you use a script? And what trees did you use?

@Howy do you mind if I nix the forest in its entirety? I'm thinking of adding a dense, human-cultured one with tracks for hunting.

@Antalex: Inchfield was your baby right? Could you share the bocage script with me? And let me know how you did your fields?

@Andy_Jones After doing Rollingford have you got some tips on how to handle large swathes of wetlands?
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Yeah you can get rid of the forest (assuming you are talking about the spruce/pine forest). It was there before I started BB and isnt integrated/used by the project. I won't be able to help due to being too busy irl currently to help terra it, but I'm sure another editor/mod will offer their services :D


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You guys finally see how to use these lands :D
If you need an approval, you have mine Tham! This is only returning the favour :)

Tho, before you ask, I'll probably be too busy with my side of the Mander to help you...
at least won't do any large terra
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