Under Review Project Application: House Horpe by Jeff


Hey Everyone,

after my longer break i want to pick up again this project! together with HErston and greenspools my plan is to give the South Coast of the Stormands more love again. Dear mods pls tell me if i still can go for the project and if the plan is still that i do them one by one (i agree with that).
I remember i should start with horpe.



Staff member
Hey Jeff! Nice to see you picking this up, it surely is more digestible than the behemoth that is Harvest Hall. I think I would like to see you revisiting the tests for Horpe, mainly due to the many new blocks and subsequently the new ways of building that are at our hands now. A lot of those blocks are, I'm sure, very useful for this region and style, even for terra (new terrainsets yay!). Don't feel rushed to pump out a result, take your time and warm up to the many many many (many) new additions.​