Project Application: House Graceford by Margaery and Desmera

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    You’ve done a beautiful job. I can just see guests exploring Highgarden, looking out a window from Margaery’s rooms, and wondering about that castle down the river Mander and deciding to explore that next. Holy moly, Holy Hall!

    Edit: ofc I’m not altogether sure what the default view distance is and whether it allows HH to be seen from HG...
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    I reckon 16 chunks but when I actually want to see a place from the ground and explore, I change it to 20+
  3. Hello!

    Here’s my application for the hamlet south east of /warp holyhallbridge.

    - 5-6 buildings.
    • 1 Butcher
    • Baker
    • 3-4 low class houses

    I’ll build these in the style already established by the houses dotted around the Graceford lands. the houses will have thatch or jungle wood roofs and fairly sizeable yards for growing crops as well. The butcher will have a shed about middling size for meat storage. There will be a well in close proximity to the houses and an area for drying clothes nearby.

    I think it would make for an interesting detail to have a cart from the nearby cidery selling unusable apples to the residents, but there might be some details I’m missing; do cideries even have unusable apples, or does anything go when making cider? Also, I’m not sure of the economy of the hamlet, the baker and butcher will be making money, but where or how do the rest of the residents earn the money to buy these apples? It's just a thought but might look cool.

    I’m not sure if Marg and Des have any plans to place crops around the hamlet so I’ve not accounted for fields in this app, but I’d be happy to revise it and add some plans for fields if you like.

    Proposed Plan:


    Real Size:

    Thatch Variant and Gradient 1:

    Jungle Variant and Gradient 2:

    All tests can be found on the bottom layer of my plot, and thanks to Maj for copying the land over to my plot!

    Thanks for reading!
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  4. Just as an aside, I forgot to ask if I just need either Marg or Des' approval to go ahead with this or their approval in conjunction to a mods? :)
  5. You're approved by me and Des, however in your actual size model I noticed that one of the houses yards on the lower right goes over the road, is this a mistake or ?
  6. Thanks!

    The yard overlapping the road was just an oversight, I'm glad you caught that. I've since corrected the plotting.
  7. Okay all you need is @Elduwin or @Howy to approve it

    Also the Western Bank of Holyhall (where the castle is located) is done including the dirt roads and grass placement. Go ahead and take a look and comment mods
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