Project Application: House Graceford by Margaery and Desmera

Discussion in 'The Reach' started by Desmera Redwyne, Jan 7, 2019.

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  2. This is Margaery here to confirm that I will be working with Desmera on this project :D
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  3. Spikespiegel

    Spikespiegel Nobuild

    I rate the castle 11/10!
  4. Excellent font choice.
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  5. Haven’t been on for a while so maybe this changed but as far as I know Holy Hall was off limits to be done alongside HG? Otherwise the castle is really nice and maybe some more detail would be good for the main settlements but it’s nice overall.
  6. Hello, lovely app, but I just have some concerns about the castle and other settlements. I think it's kind of a wasted opportunity not to have something more unique. The Gracefords have a long history going back to the Andal invasion, ana they're also very pious. Every past applicant for this project provided something a bit more unique for this fairly important part of the Reach, so I hope you can put some more creativity into the planning. Also, what's with the Widows?
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  7. I like the test verry much especially the Interiors I find to be verry well done. I might be wrong but I thought @Ben was still intended to do it after abandoning it to make way for HG.
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    Why do we not have a shared Google Sheet with all projects, their status, who they are assigned to, etc.?
  9. @Spikespiegel we do but it is often not up to date with certain projects especially surrounding server builds and it does not go into detail about other possibile issues with the build, it’s perceived ownership, etc.
  10. He has to finish Witch Isle first
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    I have concerns about the simplicity of the house tests. There aren't even windows on the smaller ones. Please create a small example 'mini' of 4-6 houses on a field so I can see how you intend to plan them. Also ensure that they are detailed as they would be to the extent in-game - you don't have to build ints, only exts matter in this case.
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  13. Considering how close it is to Highgarden, Ambrose, Ball, and the like, it may be wise to add some plaster into the low class tests. I like the shapes tho, and the slate choice is congruent with the region.
  14. Howy

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    I think implementing greater similarities with the neighboring newer projects, especially Highgarden, is important. However that is something I think you can address as the project progresses. Approved.
  15. We've discussed about it in game, and I trust you 2 to make it as good as the neighbor projects.
    Approved for me, good luck! :)

    Also, pizzapproval isn't required anymore, so feel free to start.
  16. Main castle and its immediate support structures are complete

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  17. Plots are now available at /warp holyhallvineyard, /warpholyhallbridge and the general Holyhall area on the Western Bank of the lands
  18. [​IMG]

    A pic of me and Desmera's work so far taken by GeneralNuggs
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  19. [​IMG]
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