In Progress Project application: Ambrose

gonna try to crank out alot of it before the end of the summer and before i go back to school. Redoing most of the southern lands, might need some help making forests if anyone wants to do that. Also, plots will be available by reservation if you wanna message me. Gonna try to open up some more building areas to some. Also possibly a hamlet and farmstead will be available as miniprojects.


Hey Duck! Haven't seen you in a while, but I want to ask on here if I can go a little into Ambrose lands to finish Varner's terra. I've attached a small screenshot of the area, I shouldn't need more than 20-40 blocks of space, and I will make sure to preserve the streams you have planned out!

I think an update on Ambrose is long overdue. First of all, sorry for letting this sit so long. Life has gotten very busy and I haven't really had the time to contribute meaningfully to the project, even though I want to.

I may have more time in the coming year to work, but as I'm unsure of that at the moment I would like to offer a chance for a builder/builders to inherit the project.

What I mean by this is that I would like to develop plans for the project with someone else to complete, modernize, and change various aspects, so that I can still see some of my original vision realized while also allowing progress to continue. I am willing to let whoever completes this project have a lot of creative input, so I don't feel that a foster is a fully appropriate title for what I want to do here.

Once I am happy with the plans, I will hand off the project at which point all credit for the completion will go to the new builder.

I hope some of you guys are interested in this, as it is one of the few remaining reach builds in a prime spot.



I forgot to add, if you are interested at all, send me a PM.
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