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  1. Yeah for sure, i only tentatively spoke to him about it yesterday. As far as I know, nothing has been tested yet.
  2. Oh okay, no problem then. I misread, I thought he was already building the holdfast on-site!
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    I started doing some very basic testing on my plot. It's nothing much but if you want to swing by and look at it, give me some style tips, etc. After that, I can do an official application for it with some real tests and stuff.
  4. Castle change:
    I want to change the castle because I don't really like the look or feel of the fortified manor now. The manor was too small and drab for a reach house on the mander, with the relative power and wealth of Ambrose's lands.

    It's based off sarzay in france. It's a distinctive, cool design that fits well in the reach. It's not massively bigger or fancier than the manor either.

    @CashBanks @lemonbear what do you guys think?

    I like the direction you are going with the holdfast but let me specify a few things to make sure it's more clear what i'm looking for. I don't really want a compound, more a fortified tower. Your main holdfast building seems more to me like a house with a big tower on it than military stronghold. Check out /warp durwellham1 and 2. Both holdfasts are good examples of the fortified tower idea. You don't need to do a really big one, it should only support 6-8 armed men at any time. You could devote each floor to a specific function, like a kitchen floor, barracks floor, storage floor etc. If you want to keep a design similar to your current one , try doing a big tower with a small hall attached. Good luck!

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    I fixed the holdfast test but I was wondering if you had wanted me to do a hamlet near it? If so, I'll get to testing and planning and make an app for that. If not, I'll just post the official holdfast application here.
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  6. Hey soup, i need to speak with you ingame before any apps are posted. It’s just easier to critique and show you things ingame, versus over forums.
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    Hey Duck, I haven't seen you on in a while (maybe because of different time zones and whatnot) but I thought I should go ahead and properly apply for the holdfast. The only thing I'm not quite sure of is the exact location of the holdfast. When we originally spoke, you showed me the general area I'd be working with but not really much specifics. I was wondering if there was a warp or something you had set up? Also, I noticed most holdfasts I looked at had a hamlet near them. I didn't know if you wanted me to make plans for a hamlet but I did some basic house tests just in case :)

    Anyways, here are some pictures of my tests.
  8. Hey man,
    Ive not been on for a week or so as im in the middle of my exams right now. Sorry for not telling you. Anyways, the holdfast looks nice, no problems with it really. I will be on after exams (thursday) to work on the positioning for the holdfast and also to figure out about the hamlet. Thanks for your patience.
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    No problem, I'll try to get on Thursday as well
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    Hey, So this is my plan for the plotting of the houses by the holdfast. There will be farmland on the opposite side of the road like you said and the pink marks the yards. I hope you do well on the rest of your exams :D

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    Hey Duck, so you said you'd approve the hamlet by last Thursday. It's no problem if you're busy :) I'm just making sure everything's alright and you didn't miss the app by accident. Thank you.
  12. Hey man, my apologies to keep you waiting again. Approved from me, only thng i want is for you to remove the house closest to holdfast so there are only 3! Otherwise looks good!
  13. Also, i’ll be gone until new years pretty much so mods or maj/endy if u guys could keep an eye on the progress i’d appreciate it!
  14. The holdfast looks fine to me. The only thing is it looks like you have plenty of room in the holdfast tower for stairs, which would generally make more sense than a ladder. But otherwise, I approve!
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  15. Alrighty, I think I have returned from my little break and want to change the castle again...
    I am proposing a river castle in the southwest of the lands (basically due south from the manor hamlet). It will still be small but it'll be better positioned in the lands (not too dense like where it was previously). This also means I can nuke the hill the original castle was on, which is good because it really disrupts the lands, road networks, etc. I am thinking something like chateau de rivau, with a small village outside of it. The village would replace town 2 even though it's roughly in the same spot. I've really struggled with planning the lands around the current castle and it would be much smoother if you grant this change. In place of the castle I would just make a small farming hamlet or whatever, 4-5 houses. If you want maps I can make them in the morning.
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  16. Hey Duck, moving the castle should be fine, might be best to do a plan and test of the new castle, it seems like we've gone back and forth a few times on what style/how big it should be so let's really nail it with this one.
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  17. Sounds good, heres a detailed map of the southern lands btw... im quite happy with this, i feel its a good representation of the real countryside and its got good variety... spacing and size is something that will be worked on ingame but I think this is quite realistic and close to how I will complete things.
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  18. Ambrose new castle:

    Its based off rivau. Its a small and cute castle that still retains the fortified manor feel (infact its very similar to my original manor). It's also got a small footprint so it doesnt crowd the river at all really. I've stayed pretty close to the real life insp so thats a good picture of how it will turn out. Hope you like.
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    So, here's the final result of the Holdfast and Hamlet I worked on last month. If anyone wants to check it out or give me some tips, it doesn't have a warp but it's near Ambrosetown (coords are XYZ: -3441, 81, 16558)

    Heres some images

  20. Hey soup, looks very good! Thanks for adressing the feedback i had ingame and thanks for your patience. I’ll get that area prettied up sooner or later and it’ll look really nice there!
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