In Progress Project application: Ambrose

It just follows the river essentially, it ends right near where the town and castle are in the far south west of the lands. However, you need to take into consideration dunstonbury that lies between our projects, so I would wait to connect it until we know what that project's plans are. To keep it safe, just end your part of the roseroad somewhere in the south of your lands.
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The canon doesn't indicate it follows the river, it indicates that it goes north-east splitting the peninsula made by the Mander and Rowan rivers


It looks like it circumvents the Dustonbury lands entirely.
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Marg is right, it doesn’t follow the river. In fact, we Should have it further north of Ambrose, but newbarrel was in prior forcing that south more than it should be
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Project update:

Things are going pretty well, I took a long break from the server my second semester of school but i've been playing more recently and have made enough progress to warrant an update i think. The main body of work has been done between hamlets 1, 2, and 3. I've created a forest, plotted a bunch of fields/pastures and finished most of the houses in the hamlets themselves. There is still alot of detail work to do, like hedges, field houses, orchards, etc. I've plotted a holdfast as well in the west of the project, guarding the roseroad. After I finish this roughly triangular bit between the hamlets, the work left to do is:

-plot fields/pastures/forests around the main town, as well as hamlets in the north section of the project
-make large forests and houses in northern valleys, around the river
-add 2-3 watermills along the river in various locatons
-finish the southern part of the lands, including castle, mander reterraform, fields/pastures

**Potential project changes**
Now I spoke to kulmen in game a couple weeks ago, and he expressed a desire to redo or update spearwatch. Of course I will not touch it without his permission and mod permission, but I had a couple of ideas for updating/changing the area.
1: Redo spearwatch in the ambrose style as well as reterraform and plan it.
2: Nuke spearwatch, move town #2 from infront of the castle to the north riverbank of the mander. This is my preferred option for a couple reasons:
  • Allows for my original idea of town 2, which was a river town with a small docks.
  • Replaces and consolidates spear watch with my original planned settlement at a better location
  • Allows for a smoother transition from my project to kulmens (newbarrel)
Of course kulmen, you can have as much say in the planning of any new town or updated spearwatch as you want.

Anyway that's the update for now, I have mini projects and stuff as well so if anyone has any questions about those then shoot me a message.

Redo/update appeal: Spearwatch under a) Sufficient Additional Value Clause:

Background: Spearwatch was built by kulmen sometime in 2014-15. The town is not canon, simply a named location.

Reasons for redo under clause A:
-Redoing it would increase immersion and quality in the area. Spearwatch is extremely outdated. It's position right on the edge of the ambrose/newbarrel border marks an abrupt and extremely noticeable transition between the new reach style and the reach style of 5 years ago. It decreases immersion in the two projects, and is impossible to mask with a forest or large section of fields due to it's position on a tall (and abnormal, for the local terrain) hill. A redo would ensure a smooth, almost unnoticeable transition between the two projects.

-Redoing spearwatch would provide tons of value in the things I can plan there instead. Right now, Spearwatch protrudes awkwardly into my lands and makes it hard to plan around. Road systems and possible terraforming features are disrupted by it's existence. If it were redone (see below), it would give me much more freedom with what I can do in the eastern edge of my lands.

Redo plans:
-Mine and kulmens plans are to nuke the town, remove the unnatural hill it sits upon, and move ambrose town 2 (originally near the castle) directly south of Spearwatch along the river. This would both make sense for my project, and kulmens. Instead of two awkwardly placed towns (ambrose town 2 current location, and spearwatch) there would be one small-medium town with the most realistic location (access to river trade from both north ambrose river and the mander) and the most realistic surroundings (fields, orchards, etc.) due to my increased ability to build immersive lands around the new town. The town itself follows my original plans, which is 17-22 houses focusing on river trade, fishing, and farming.


Hey Duck,

Was just looking up this, and doesn't the sufficient additional value clause only apply to updating builds? Your plan is to nuke the town, which is definitely a redo lol which isn't covered by that clause. I think redoing some of the terra or expanding the area could work great! But since it's not a server build, there's no missing canon, and it's not abandoned, I don't think nuking will be an option.

Looking forward to what the mods have to say tho
It's only a small feature not an entire project, and I have kulmens blessing as well. It won't make the project (or westeroscraft completion) go any longer either, a reason for the no redo rule. And for a very minor change, it adds tons of value to both projects.


The Dark Lord Sauron
The whole redo appeal isn't really necessary in this case, since it's not about the project (New Barrel) but just a single mini-build that's interfering with your transition plans. It should be fine (providing the approving mods are ok with it). However, I must point out that Hgkoolaid is correct in general, for an actual project redo the justification wouldn't be sufficient.


Hey Duck, thanks for letting me apply for the logging hamlet in Ambrose and thanks for the feedback, attached in a PDF ( don't sue me idk how else to link documents) is my official write up, plan, and idea.


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