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  1. Xeson

    Xeson Builder

    Probation Build 17
    Region: The Reach
    Profession: Farmer (3-4ppl)

    /warp rosebridge
    Coordinates: -4399 58 18443

    //Location Count: 7
  2. Xeson

    Xeson Builder

    Probation Build 18
    Region: The Reach
    Profession: Furrier

    /warp rosebridge
    Coordinates: -4383 55 18406

    //Location Count: 7
  3. Xeson

    Xeson Builder

    Probation Build 19&20
    Region: The Reach
    Profession: Farmer(s)/ Field Hand

    /warp rosebridge
    Coordinates: -4364 52 18410

    //Location Count: 7
  4. Xeson

    Xeson Builder

    Probation Build 21
    Region: The Riverlands
    Profession: no (2 kids, 1 father, alcoholic)
    Permission from Howy

    /warp ss
    Coordinates: -1602 61 10987

    //Location Count: 8
  5. Xeson

    Xeson Builder

    Probation Build 22
    Region: The Reach
    Profession: Cobbler (2 kids, 2 parents - a few animals and storage below)

    /warp rosebridge
    Coordinates: -4402 45 18361

    //Location Count: 7
  6. hey Xeson, sorry for a late reply on your houses, I had kept up with them houses in game. they seem all great builds and you have built in plenty off locations :)

    so for the feedback

    probation build 11- wullvillage3 - cooper - approved -
    Great work on this plot, the cooper part is really great and I like the blocks you used for the barrel making.

    I noticed the carpet is quite big in the house being 6 long and 3 thick it fits nicely in this house but generally carpets are kept quite small in these houses.

    probation build 12-13 -newkeepfarming -houses - approved -
    probation build 14-15 -newkeepfarming -houses - approved -

    I know these are approved (not using the approved block itself) but I've left a couple of melons by these houses, very minor changes (no chimney gradient, ect. ) - so I would like you to go back to these. Overall they are all really great houses, the daub/wattle cottage is cute.

    you have used a lot of cauldrons in these small houses i would use these in large homes/proffesions or holdfasts/castles.

    Probation Build 16 - bandavassal2 - smokehouse -
    I really like this build, but id wait for feedback from enah, but i don't see anything wrong with the design of this.
    the windows on the side-not sure if they let out to much smoke ?- but I'm kind of unsure on this and best to ask what nah thinks of this.

    Probation Build 17 -rosebridge - farmer -
    nothing to change great work here.

    Probation Build 18 - rosebridge - Furrier -
    check back- but great work, cool ideas for the furred outside, the interiors is planned well.

    Probation Build 19&20 - rosebridge - farmers/ -
    also great work here make sure to check these houses when ark/enah approve/melon them. On the field hand theres a little change I would like u todo its minor.

    Probation Build 22 - rosebridge - Cobbler (2 kids, 2 parents - a few animals and storage below)
    very well planned out interriors, great to see. just one thing the front side on the ground looks quite bare, you could add in a bush and some plants. or a cart pulled over you can decide but other then that great work Xeson.

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  7. Xeson

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    Thank you for your feedback.

    1. In New Keep Farming I changed the gradient of the chimneys, based on the examples above.
    2. Also in New Keep Farming I minimized the amount of cauldrons and placed food above the fire instead.
    3. Smokehouse: Not sure which windows you mean exactly. The 4 small holes on the short side are intended to let out the smoke after passing the food. The chimney on top serves the same function, but for the food left to the smoke-outcome on the ground. The two shutters are used to minimize the smoke loss, if you only want to look into the Smokehouse, for example, to check the staus of the food.
    4. Rosebridge furrier: I tried to keep the size of the fur shown small because I thought the 3x3 solutions were a little overproportional for this little yard.
    5. Field Hand:
      I wasn't entirely sure what the main difference between a farmer and field Hand is. I applied the changes and added another bed instead of the table. This belongs to the son of the two older residents and now, since he no longer lives with them, it is secretly used by the dog to sleep at night.
    6. Cobbler: I didn't want to put too much in front of it because I wasn't sure what it would look like after the bridge with the street and the required space. I have now added a small area of bushes, but I'm not 100% satisfied yet.
    I hope everything you've noticed was applied correctly and again, I'm very thankful for every feedback you give.

    best regards,
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  8. Xeson

    Xeson Builder

    Probation Build 23
    Region: The Reach
    Profession: Farmer

    /warp rosebridge
    Coordinates: -4350 52 18408

    //Location Count: 7
  9. Xeson

    Xeson Builder

    Probation Build 24
    Region: The Reach
    Profession: farmer (6ppl)

    /warp bandahamlet
    Coordinates: -9297 60 20537

    //Location Count: 1
  10. Hey Xeson

    I am so sorry xeson, Im not sure if a mod had already promoted you. But I should have posted this last week, you are a very good builder and I did think you are ready for your approval and builder status if not already given as you have shown great work and great ideas.

    I will give you some final feedback when I'm back on and check your final houses, I will be in France next week so ill definitely be on the weekend before i go, sorry that I've been away for last week. had a few things happen in last couple of weeks. I hope I can help you with anything like minis/project.

    Now that you are a builder and will do larger/more difficult things its always best to plan things out first so you can play around with layouts, see what works the best and trying out things more. Also just ask a mod to promote you next time you are on the server.

    Great work tho keep it up :)

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  11. Xeson

    Xeson Builder

    I was promoted to builder by Iwan on Sunday already.
    I would like to thank you for your feedback and your time and I look forward to working with you in the future.

    Best regards :)