New Block Request Form


The Dark Lord Sauron
Hey everyone,

As many of you might have noticed by now, we've been testing a new form for allowing people to make block suggestions in a more organized way. I'm happy to announce that this form should now officially be live, thanks to the efforts of DutchGuard and Thamus_Knoward ! We're hoping that this change should streamline the process and make it more transparent.

The form, which will only be available to builders, can be accessed by clicking on "FORMS" in the navigation bar, and then "Block Request Form". Upon submitting the form, a thread will automatically be created in the subforum "Art & Content Creation/Textures & Models/Pending Block Requests". A member of the texture team may further categorize the request according to various "workload" and "desirability" tags, and calculate a priority for the request accordingly. To ensure consideration for your request, please make sure to provide as much detail for your suggestion as possible - the more work you can take off our backs by thoroughly researching the request and thinking through the possible ramifications of the addition, the better. If taken up, a thread will be moved to the "In Progress Block Requests" subforum when under development, and into the "Completed Block Requests" subforum when finished.

The Texture Pack Megathread may still be used for open-ended discussion, but as of now, any official block requests should be made through the form to be considered. Please also make sure to check the subforums before making a request, to see if somebody else already suggested the same thing!

Finally, we also ask that you please re-submit any requests that were made since the last official block update using the new system. We will eventually port all pending suggestions from Asana to the new system, but would certainly appreciate your help in making this transfer quicker.

Please let us know if any issues come up with using the new system!
- The Texture Team