Mid-Year Contest 2019 - Immersion Builds - Winners!


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Hello Westeros,

I’m pleased to announce the theme and details of the 2019 Mid-Year Contest.

Theme Immersion
Start Saturday, 1st of June, GMT 18:00
End Saturday, 29th of June GMT 18:00

Plots available at /warp contest2019

Multiple submissions will be allowed, as well as co-ops. However, you can only receive a prize for one submission. Prize money for co-ops will be divided.

As usual, Guests are allowed to compete as well! Please follow this link and leave us your username. Your submission will only count if you have been on our server before under that username. Builders do not need to fill in this form.

Theme - Immersion
As more fully explained in our Announcement Thread, the idea behind Immersion Builds is to make Westeros seem alive and occupied. Small builds, not tied to any particular piece of canon or lordly house, but instead are intended to add points of interest and life to the empty parts of Westeros.

These could be inns, taverns, camps, farms, First Men ruins, mostly along the main roads and travel routes, but there's no reason why they couldn't be slightly off grid in the backlands too.

Not everything has to imply human presence, small terraforming/nature projects could be added to this category, think rock formations, enchanted groves, spooky forests, caves.

The judges will be a team of 3 moderators, who will each award points to their top 5 contributions. They will judge the submissions on usability on the server, creativity and execution. Judges will be revealed at the end of the competition.

1st place $20 Amazon gift card

2nd place $15 Amazon gift card

3rd place $10 Amazon gift card


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Thank you all for your patience while we reviewed all your entries and tabulated the votes, it was a really wide spread of results and it ended up being really close, indicating that there is a broad scope for what a strong "Immersion" build can be, and a great endorsement of everyone's efforts in this contest.

In my mind, you're all winners. But, in another more accurate way, the results are as follows:
First Place: Tie: Endy/Knownfunnyman
3rd Place: Johan/Luk co-build

All entries will be showcased with shader pics in the next Rookery and winners can PM me about prizes.
Thanks for playing!
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